Magnum Photos Offers Inge Morath Award

NEW YORK, NY – Magnum Photos has announced they are taking entries from women photographers who are under the age of 30 for the fourth annual Inge Morath Prize. The honor is a $5,000 USD award intended to help a photographer complete a long-term documentary project and it’s named after Morath, an Austrian-born photographer who was associated with Magnum Photos for nearly fifty years.


Inge Morath © Inge Morath, Magnum Photos, New York, NYMorath, who died in 2002, was devoted and enthusiastic about encouraging women photographers, Magnum says, and her colleagues give the award as a tribute to her.

 The deadline for entering is May 15, 2006. A winner will be announced on July 15.

 Morath was born in Graz, Austria, in 1923. She escaped forced labor in Berlin, where she had been sent for refusing to join Hitler Youth, and worked in Berlin and Vienna during World War II as a photo assistant. Later she studied photography in London, and joined Magnum. In 1962 she married playwright Arthur Miller after meeting him in Nevada on location of the film The Misfits, a movie he'd penned for his then-wife, Marilyn Monroe. After he divorced Monroe, Miller married Morath and they had two children. Morath died of cancer at the age of 78.

 Magnum Photos has some very specific directions about how contestants may enter the competition. Each entrant is asked to write a project description that does not exceed one page, along with a curriculum vitae that does not exceed three pages, including the photographer’s name, telephone number, plus shipping and mailing addresses. Magnum’s file format directions are as follows:

Images should be sent in a Quicktime format slide show.

No PowerPoint presentations, PDF, or HTML files will be accepted.

If images are being sent as separate files the specifications should be as follows: 40-60 images file size: 1200 pixels on the longest side @ 150 DPI saved as a JPEG compression at 8.

Images should be numbered in the order that you wish them to be presented, with the number coming first in the file name (to ensure the correct sequence use two digits. Example: 01, 02, 03, etc.), and then your last name. For example: 01Smith, 02Smith, 03Smith etc. Please do not use any spacing in the name.

Please test the CD before you send it and be sure to label it with your name and contact details.

If your portfolio does not meet these requirements, it will not be considered.

Entries can be submitted by sending them to: The Inge Morath Award, c/o Magnum Photos, 151 West 25th Street, 5th Floor, New York, NY, USA, 10001.

 Magnum says that the return of an entry is the responsibility of the applicant, so please send sufficient postage or a courier’s account number, along with a shipping address, if the entry is to be returned.