Katzenbergs Donate $265,000 To BU's Photojournalism Program

BOSTON, MA– DreamWorks Studios SKG co-founder and chief executive Jeffrey Katzenberg and his wife Marilyn, whose two children are 2005 Boston University graduates, today announced a $265,000 donation to Boston University’s Photojournalism Program. The Photojournalism Program donation was included in a larger $1.25 million gift to the university.

Their daughter, Laura Katzenberg, graduated from the Photojournalism Program in 2005 and her twin brother, David, graduated from the school’s film program (which also received a gift).

“Laura was a talented, hard-working student who was a pleasure to have in class,” Peter Southwick, an associate professor and director of the photojournalism sequence at Boston University, told News Photographer magazine today. His former student is now an intern in the photography department at Vanity Fair magazine.

Katzenberg was chair of Walt Disney Studios at the age of 34, and in 1994 he formed DreamWorks SKG with Steven Spielberg and David Geffen.

Boston University says the donation will fund a complete renovation and upgrade of the Photojournalism Program’s space and equipment in the College of Communication, including the creation of a professional photography studio and the addition of a digital photography lab.

“I am deeply grateful to the Katzenberg family for all they are doing to help us serve the needs of our students as we continue to build one of the leading photo programs in the country,” Southwick said. “They have shown a commitment to higher education in general, and to Boston University in particular, that serves as a shining example of generosity and thoughtfulness, making it possible for many future classes of students to achieve their goals and realize their dreams.”

Southwick, an NPPA member since 1979, has been a staff photographer at The Boston Herald American and the Associated Press, and was director of photography for The Boston Globe, before joining Boston University and directing their photojournalism program.