Best Use Of Photography 4th Quarter Clip Contest Results

For News, Feature, Picture Pages, Sports, Multi-Page

2005 4th Quarter BUP Results

News entries were judged at Western Kentucky University by Kurt Fattic, Chad Stevens, Tim Broekema and 9 WKU students as observers and participants.

Feature and Picture Page entries were judged at Western Kentucky University by Jeanie Adams-Smith, Tim Broekema, Kurt Fattic, and Chad Stevens.

Sports entries were judged at the University of Miami School of Communication by Loup Langton, Lelen Bourgonie and Kim Grinfeder.

Multiple-page entries were judged at the University of Miami School of Communication by Loup Langton, Lelen Bourgonie and Maggie Steber.


1st: Rocky Mountain News, Nov 11, 2005,
"Final Salute"
Janet Reeves, Todd Heisler and Steve Miller
Judges’ comments: The judges obvious and first reaction was we have a first place upon seeing this entry. However, as discussion ensued it became evident that what we were facing as judges in a “News Page” category of a picture editing contest is that we were facing the process of no longer comparing apples to apples. This project, as we all have seen thanks to the online division of the Rocky Mountain News, is and was very powerful. We were only assuming they entered this package in multiple picture page category but as a single page in a news category we were a bit stumped. And then to further the complication a second full page spread of the “other” photo from this project, the one of the woman sleeping in front of the significant others coffin appeared. There was some lengthy discussion about giving the Rocky Mountain News 1st and 2nd but it was argued that the complexities of picture editing, selecting headlines and captions, working with news editors, page designers, section editors and even the photographers is a much harder and deserving accolade than running perhaps a Pulitzer contender image as a full page spread. The group decided upon awarding the Rocky Mountain News plane picture as 1st place and after further discussion we all agreed to honor the second entry as an HM. The picture of the plane worked its way to the first position fighting against the other picture of the woman in front of the coffin due to the discussion that the plane picture is actually 9 intimate moments, all a moment we can relate to and the women in front of the coffin is one moment. Both equally strong pictures but I feel we and the readers can just relate to the plane picture better. Bottom line. This project is phenomenal and the picture editors, the photo management, the word editors and the photographer and reporter should all be commended for their effort. It is story telling like this, the ability to tell a huge story thru the eyes of few, that really hits home.

2nd: The Hartford Courant, Nov 26, 2005
"Into the light"
Judges’ comments: It was a breath of relief for the judges to see a “positive” news story. One that tells the story of a boy with autism and his single mothers plea for assistance. This is a story about a community coming together to help a member of theirs and the Courant was there to write and record the process. The selection of the one powerful photo was the strength of the design of the page. The judges also noted that the story count was still at four along with a skybox, an index and refers. By looking at the page you would never have realized you were getting that much information and still seeing a well displayed photo.

3rd: Los Angeles Times, Nov 19, 2005,
"A Spiritual Desolation"
Mary Cooney and Damon Winter
Judges’ comments: This is an inside page from a story that started on A1. The judges wished they could have seen what the Times did on A1 as well but they treated the complexity and sincerity of the story well on the inside. The five-column lead picture was emotional and impactful. Playing it any less in size would have diminished the power of the story and the power of the image. The supporting image and the use of the map also helped tell the entire story in just three graphic examples. The photos drew us in and then we read and tried to understand. Good design, strong impact – all of these warrants recognition.

HM: Rocky Mountain News, Nov 11th, 2005,
"Final Salute widow"
Janet Reeves, Todd Heisler and Steve Miller
Judges’ comments: As discussed in the first place entry.

HM: Los Angeles Times, Oct 30, 2005,
"Gangs in El Salvador"
Gail Fisher and Luis Sinco
Judges’ comments: This page ran with the third place LA Times piece for a long time. It was moved to HM after discussion that the emotion of the lead photo in the third place page was stronger than the dominant. The judges also felt that the photo of “Snoopy” smoking marijuana at a cemetery would have been a stronger dominant.

HM: The Hartford Courant, Nov 13, 2005
"Trying Saddam"
Bruce Moyer and Melanie Shaffer
Judges’ comments: The judges commented on the power of the crop. The choice of using a photo like this forced the viewer to not avoid the eyes. It was interesting to force the viewer to look into the eyes of this man.

HM: The Hartford Courant, Dec 16, 2005
"Sunnis divide support"
David Grewe, Greg Harmel, Thom McGuire and John Scanlon
Judges’ comments: A wire package but well edited and the power of the relationship between the headline and the photo is wonderful. The judges felt it was worth recognition due to the risk in the photo editing process and the overall package telling an important story..

HM: The News and Observer, Dec 11, 2005
"Premiums paid, Claims denied"
Scott Sharpe, Corey Lowenstein, and Jennifer Bowles
Judges’ comments: A well designed page. Simple with strong use of text. The page survived several rounds of editing but as the judges realized it was a business page still alive in a best use of photos contest it became an immediate HM. It isn’t every day business pages get recognized as strong photojournalism use.


1st: The Palm Beach Post, Dec 18, 2005,
"There's no place like suburbia"
Mark Edelson, Carolyn Drake, Nicole Neal and Kristen Bergman Morales
Judges’ comments: There are so many stories on urban spraw, but this is done really well. We like how the headline and readout go so well with secondary image – and this is a slice of life. The whole package is in great harmony.

2nd: The Dallas Morning News, Nov. 27, 2005,
"The source"
Michael Hamtil, Eric Schlegel and Mary Jennings
Judges’ comments: Also harmonious, clean presentation. Dynmaic photo use and excellent display of text, infographics and imagery.

3rd: Los Angeles Times, Oct 17, 2005,
"The defining element"
Hal Wells, Kirk McKoy, Ron Neal and Damon Winter
Judges’ comments: We had a difficult time settling on a third place. The first and second definitely stood above the masses. In our choice for third, it’s not only about the picture (the lighting is nice), but the photo edges may be too perfect. The spot color, the typography the headline and clean presentation on the page is all a creative way to handle a story that may have been mundane.

Honorable mention, judges' comments: Several of the honorable mentions utilized great photography but the use of the image along with the integration of text brought them down just a bit. I wish we could limit the refer use, but of course the style of the section often determines this. With that said, again, overall solid images and use.

HM: The Oregonian, Nov 6, 2005,
“Our lives are going to the dogs"
Jamie Francis, Mike Davis, Reed Darmon and Michael Rollins

HM: The Virginian-Pilot, Oct 9, 2005,
“Big Cheese"

HM: The Dallas Morning News, Oct 30, 2005,
“Making the band"
Michael Hamtil, Smiley Pool and Mary Jennings

HM: The Oregonian, Dec 25, 2005,
“The future of flight"
Stephanie Yao, Mike Davis, Mims Copeland, and Sue Hobart

HM: The Virginian-Pilot, Oct 16, 2005,
“The one that got away"


Judges’ comments: All newspapers run year-in-pictures packages, but we are most impressed with papers that consistently run storytelling multiple picture pages.

One thing that decided the fate of a lot of these pages was the use of words with the imagery. Especially when working with the year-in-review pages, often times the text was too weak for the reader to make a connection of imagery to display.

The theme of the page is usually what brought us to our decisions. If the theme was strong and coherent – among visuals, words and design – they stood out and found their way into the top three.

1st: The Hartford Courant, Dec 11, 2005,
"Detainment and Distress"
Bruce Moyer, Melanie Shaffer with wire photos
Judges’ comments: Less is more. The strong display of only three images that each communicate effectively and most importantly work cohesively with the text. The design doesn’t trump the content – it supports.

2nd: The Palm Beach Post, Nov 6, 2005,
"Rosa Parks"
Mark Edelson with wire photos
Judges’ comments: Although we were somewhat discouraged that it is all wire photography, the editor did a terrific job pulling together a live newspage on an important event and presented a page that has impact through meshing good news photography, typography and text.

3rd: Naples Daily News, Oct 30, 2005,
"Wilma's mark on southwest Florida"
Eric Strachan, Judy Lutz and staff
Judges’ comments: The power and impact of the dominant pulls us in and creates a strong anchor for the page. The dominant and secondary play off of the headline well. There is good visual variety, but a text/info block would really increase the effectiveness of the page. The image of the military personnel image has less effect on the page than the others and weakens the impact of the spread.

HM: The Houston Chronicle, Oct 18, 2005,
"Oh, so close .. again"
Steve Gonzales, Buster Dean, Catherine McIntosh, Swayne Hall, Larry Reese and The N. Pham

HM: The Orlando Sentinel, Dec 25, 2005,
"A Changed Nation"
Ken Lyons, Hilda Perez, Tom Burton, Lee Fiedler with wire photos

HM: Los Angeles Times, Oct 17, 2005,
"I get to keep what I find"
Mary Cooney, Colin Crawford, Calvin Hom and Wally Skalij

HM: La Palma / The Palm Beach Post, Nov 11, 2005,
"El revés de los deportes"
Mark Edelson, Em Mendez and Associated Press photos

HM: Los Angeles Times, Oct 30, 2005,
"MS-13: An international franchise"
Gail Fisher and Luis Sinco


1st: Los Angeles Times, Nov 26, 2005,
"A little team that's full of dreams"
Calvin Hom and Damon Winter
Judges’ comments: A terrific lead photo run with enough size to give it full impact and allow the reader to see the details of the background. The spread uses only three photos that all add to the story in different ways. Each is given appropriate size, surrounded by heavy borders to give them special attention and then given plenty of white space. The photos on this page and the way in which they are used not only makes the viewer appreciate their story-telling qualities but also entices one to read the words.

2nd: The Houston Chronicle, Dec 8, 2005,
“So hard to say goodbye"
Judges’ comments: Judges liked the simplicity of the image and the page built around it. The strong vertical photograph was given appropriate size to carry the page without distraction, and the raised fist of Clemens strengthened the vertical perception. The headline worked with the down-turned head. The three other photos on the page were tight and small so that nothing took attention away from the dominant photo.

3rd: The Palm Beach Post, Dec 5, 2005,
"Unshakable poise"
Mark Edelson, Dave Marsters, Gary Coronado, Allen Eyestone, Damon Higgins, Bruce R.Bennett
Judges’ comments: This is a classic picture page with a strong dominant photo in the center, a tighter photo with a strong moment at the top and three good point pictures across the bottom. The men’s and women’s marathon winners are the subjects of the two larger photos. The design provides a clean page that draws the eye to the photos without any distractions.

Honorable mentions, judges’ comments: HM's were all tightly edited and made good use of dominant images.

HM: The Palm Beach Post, Nov 20, 2005,
"Victory begins in the pits"
Mark Edelson, Damon Higgins and Tom Elia

HM: The Palm Beach Post, Dec 4, 2005,
"Class 2B State Championship"
Mark Edelson, Allen Eyestone and Gary Coronado

HM: The Houston Chronicle, Oct 27, 2005,
"Black Sox no more"

HM: The Dallas Morning News, Oct 9, 2005,
"Back on top"
Alysin Oglesby and Louis DeLuca

HM: Naples Daily News, Oct 28, 2005,
"Everblades, Special Section"
Eric Strachan and Darron Silva


1st: The Rocky Mountain News, Nov 11, 2005,
"Final Salute"
Janet Reeves, Todd Heisler and Steve Miller
Judges' comments: The judges felt that the newspaper should be rewarded on two counts, first, for devoting the space and time to such an important story and second, for the excellent way in which it visually told the story. The photographs are powerful and rich in content. The story is explored in depth yet feels tightly edited – not one photograph seems to be superfluous. The most striking images are given great size, and the pages that contain multiple photographs flow nicely. As viewers we’re led on an emotional and intellectual journey that makes us grieve along with the families.

2nd: Los Angeles Times, Nov 13, 2005,
"When Family Matter Turns into a Business"
Gail Fisher and Francine Orr
Judges' comments: This is another important story yet one that remains largely hidden. The Times devoted significant space to tell the story in both words and pictures. The photographs cover many levels of the issue and suggest a range of emotions. As with the first place winner, there are a great number of photographs published yet none feel like they should be eliminated. Each page has a striking dominant image, and the black borders give the photos a feeling of elegance.

3rd (Tie): The Palm Beach Post, Dec 18,
Mark Edelson, Carolyn Drake, Nicole Neal, Kristen Bergman Morales, Pete Cross, John J. Lopinot
Judges' comments: This is a terrific photographic essay that explores a variety of suburban community member’s lives, activities, moods, relationships, etc. The photographs are sequenced in chapters, and each page successfully combines a variety of topics in a way that makes the page seem unified and aesthetically pleasing. Several photographs are given good size for impact, and the white space adds to the elegance of each page.

3rd (Tie): Los Angeles Times, Nov 19, 2005,
"Missionary's Dark Legacy"
Mary Cooney and Damon Winter
Judges' comments: Once again the Times has explored an important story that has received very little attention. The photographs are done with dignity, and the paper’s presentation of the photographs is equally delicate. Each page has a powerful dominant image that pulls the reader into the page. Secondary photographs add information and mood.

Honorable mentions, judges' comments: Judges felt that all of the Awards of Excellence were well executed with good use of dominant photographs and white space, strong topics and overall display. We also felt that they did not rise to the same level as the top award winners mostly because they were not as tightly edited. Nevertheless, these papers should be commended for award-level work.

HM: The Palm Beach Post, Oct - Nov 2005,
"Hurricane Wilma"

HM: Patuxent Publishing Co., Oct 27, 2005,
"24 Hours"
Tenney Mason, Francis Gardler, Ed Bunyan, Sherry DiBari, Nicole Martyn, Matt Roth, Hans Ericsson, Lisa Johnson, David Fronapfel and Kendrick Brinson

HM: The Hartford Courant, Oct 30, 2005,
"The Year After Fallujah"
David Grewe, Greg Harmel, Suzette Moyer, Thom McGuire, John Scanlon and Bradley E.Clift.

HM: Los Angeles Times, Oct 30, 2005,
"Gang uses deportation to its advantage to flourish in U.S."
Gail Fisher and Luis Sinco

HM: The Hartford Courant, Oct 9, 2005,
"The crisis that's not over yet"
Bruce Moyer, Bradley E. Clift and Suzette Moyer


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