Max Bittle Wins NPPA Student Clip Contest

STATE UNIVERSITY, AR – Max Bittle, a junior photojournalism major at Southern Illinois University, is the winner of the 2004-2005 NPPA Student Clip Contest. “Bittle's consistent professional-level work won him notice in news, sports and features categories,” Student Quarterly Clip Contest coordinator Jack Zibluk of Arkansas State University said today when announcing the winner. “Bittle is no stranger to the contest. He was the third place winner in the previous year's competition.”

Bittle had an extended internship at the St. Petersburg Times recently but is now back at Southern Illinois University in school.

Second place in the contest went to Melanie Blanding, of Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, KY, and third place went to Jonathan D. Woods, who is also a WKU photojournalism student.

“The top students placed consistently through at least two quarters, across many categories," Zibluk said, “and they all had professional-level work." More than 100 students from a dozen schools participated in the student contest this year, in its first year to be carried out online. The contest went online beginning with the December contest, the result of a partnership between NPPA and, a leading student and educational Web site.

“The online contest was the number one contest priority over the past two years," Zibluk said. "It opens up participation to a much bigger number of students. The December contest attracted about 120 participants, more than double the usual number.”

Photo from Max Bittle's portfolio