WHNPA TV Members Can Now Compete In NPPA's TVQECC

 Beginning with the First Quarter of 2006, members of the White House News Photographers Association are eligible to compete in the NPPA Television Quarterly Editing Clip Contest, Jeramy Rosenberg, the NPPA TVQECC chairperson, has announced.

“WHNPA members will have all the rights of NPPA members in this contest, except they will not receive points toward the NPPA Cutting Edge Editor of the Year Award,” Rosenberg said. “To enter, they will submit a photocopy of their WHNPA membership cards rather than filling out the NPPA membership number portion of the official entry form.”

Rosenberg said that he looks forward to working with the WHNPA and strengthening the relationship between the two organizations, and that the new arrangement is mutually beneficial. “For the WHNPA, it gives their video editors an opportunity to compete in a national contest, four times a year, in addition to their annual ‘Eyes of History’ contest. It also gives them an opportunity to have their work critiqued.

"It gives the NPPA more exposure in an important market at the local, national, and international levels. It creates greater exposure within the WHNPA, and strengthens the bond between the two organizations. It further expands the TVQECC outside of Denver, and will raise the level of quality among our winners. And it could ultimately add new members to the NPPA.”

The NPPA Television Quarterly Editing Clip Contest information is here, and Rosenberg can be contacted at [email protected].