NPPA Announces Revamped News Video Workshop For March 2013

DURHAM, NC – Registration is now open for NPPA's renovated News Video Workshop, which returns to the line-up in 2013 as one of NPPA's premier educational events.

Coordinated by Julie Jones at the Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Oklahoma in Norman, the News Video Workshop will build on the fundamental skills required to tell strong, clear, and compelling video news stories. It will be a week of intense learning and powerful critiques, designed to change how a visual journalist approaches, gathers, edits, writes, and presents video news stories.

"Give us a week, we will change your life," NPPA executive director Mindy Hutchison said.

The 53-year-old Workshop was on hiatus for 2012 so that NPPA's leadership and Jones could renovate the session's strategy and bring a 21st century perspective to news gathering. The revamped News Video Workshop will be held March 17-22, 2013, at Gaylord in Norman.

"The News Video Workshop is not just for television journalists," Hutchison said. "Whether you are a photojournalist or a reporter, whether you work in broadcast or online or in print, whether you are a student or a professional, if you use any video in your reporting then this Workshop is for you."

"Julie Jones and the Workshop crew have worked hard to build on the solid reputation of teaching professional excellence in the craft of storytelling while evolving the program to meet the needs of today's visual journalists. It will be wonderful to have the Workshop back in action next year. We've had many inquiries from eager attendees, and it's clear the desire for this type of training is strong," Hutchison said.

The Workshop has a new logo to go along with it's new name (it's now the News Video Workshop instead of NewsVideo), and core skill sets added to the assignments and critique sessions include teachers who will instruct students on how to work with data-driven journalism, the art of mobile reporting, social media, and news writing for photojournalists.

Jones said, "The 2013 News Video Workshop is going to be like no other. We are keeping the core of the Workshop - the assignments, the critiques and all the grilling from award winning journalists - but added on that core are new sessions. I would tell any photo chief, editor, or news directors wondering if they should send people to the Workshop this: We will return your journalists with skills to better conceptualize a story, a better knowledge of what they need in order to get that story, and the ability to package that story so it is more clear and compelling for your audiences. There is no better bang for the buck."

"We have some of the great storytellers and teachers coming for the week," Jones said. "I am grateful to the Workshop faculty. I am particularly excited that Les Rose, Lisa Berglund, and John Larson are returning. We have added new blood to the faculty with Evilio Conteras, Matt Mrozinski, Joe Little, and Michelle Michael. This rounds out our long-committed crew of Mike Schuh, Stan Heist, Adam Vance, Charlie Hadlock, and Kevin Hartfield. to name just a few.

"Adam, Stan and myself [the Workshop leaders] are committed to making this a week that changes careers. Come to Norman with an open mind and we promise, you'll leave a different journalist."

The upcoming News Video Workshop faculty includes:

• Bob Dotson, NBC News
• Charlie Hadlock, NBC News
• Dave Wertheimer, WCCO
• Evelio Conteras, CNN
• Gregg Vandergrift, University of St. Thomas
• Joe Little, KGTV
• Joe Mahoney, I-News Network
• John Larson, John Larson productions
• Josh Maranhas, KDVR
• Julie Jones, Gaylord College of Journalism
• Kevin Hartfield, KCNC
• Les Rose, KCBS
• Lisa Berglund, Gold Dog Media
• Matt Mrozinski, KING-TV
• Michelle Michael, freelance multimedia
• Mike Schuh, WJZ-TV
• Stan Heist, Sinclair Broadcasting Group
• Tim Underhill, Ball State

• Adam Vance, WTSP-TV


News Video Workshop participants will shoot with DSLRs, HD video cameras, and in some cases video on smart phones. Students will write, edit, build code, and at the end of the week will leave Oklahoma with the skills to be a better journalist, a stronger storyteller, and with a renewed commitment to journalism.

There are two levels of registration: "Shoot 'n Edit," or "Participant."

Shoot 'n Edit attendees bring their own video cameras along with a willingness to be challenged. Photojournalists and Backpack Photojournalists or multimedia photojournalists who want a hand-son learning experience should register for this level of the Workshop.

Participant attendees is the "best option" for reporters, producers, or other journalists who do not, in the regular course of their duties, carry a video camera around to do their jobs. Participant attendees will attend all of the same sessions but will learn through observation rather than by trail and fire.

Details about registration fees and deadlines and early registration discounts are online here. A new detail in this year's registration includes a "Bundling" option for newsrooms and journalism programs. If two people are attending the second person's registration fee is cut in half. NPPA members receive an additional discount of $110 off the total fee.

Complete information and registration is online here.