DeVigal And Judging Panel Launch New Online Multimedia Critique Of 2005 BOP Web Winners

AUSTIN, TX -- Andrew DeVigal, one of the five judges of the 2005 Best Of Photojournalism Best Of The Web contest, has created an important educational resource drawn from the contest judging and the entries. Recorded audio comments from the judges, synchronized with images from dozens of Web sites that they are reviewing, have been compiled into an interactive online presentation that can be seen here.

DeVigal, with the help of the other judges, spent many hours building this presentation and it’s an outstanding resource that starts with an overview and audio comments from the panel of judges, then expands into an examination of new media documentary work, how audio is used in multimedia, design templates that have become more sophisticated on the Web, image use and image counts, their favorite sites, and how Web new media applies to education. There’s also a section they call “surprises.”

Viewers can watch the presentation online or download the full audio podcast, and there are links to the Web editing winners that the judges discuss.

In addition to DeVigal, the founder of DeVigal Design who also teaches at San Francisco State University, the panel of Web judges included Dan Habib of The Concord Monitor;Shawn Greene, multimedia projects editor for The Miami Herald; Keith Jenkins, who is now the new photography editor for The Washington Post; and Maria Bunai, picture editor for

Comments, feedback, and appreciations can be directed to DeVigal at [email protected].