WKU's Jim Winn Wins Hearst Photojournalism Championship

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Winning college photojournalists in the William Randolph Hearst Foundation Journalism Awards Program were announced last night during an awards dinner in San Francisco. Jim Winn, of Western Kentucky University, is the first place photojournalist winning a $5,000 scholarship. Daron Dean of the University of Florida, an NPPA member since 2002, finished second with a $4,000 scholarship, and Haraz Ghanbari of Kent State University, an NPPA member since 2001, finished third with a $3,000 scholarship.

Hearst program director Jan C. Watten said there were also three runners-up in the photojournalism championship who will each receive a $1,500 scholarship. They are Melanie Holloway Blanding, of Western Kentucky University, an NPPA member since 2002; Erik Jacobs, of Western Kentucky University, and Ray M. Jones, of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

A $1,000 award for Best Single Photograph went to Jacobs, and a $1,000 award for Best Picture Story or Series went to Blanding.

Semi-finalists in the photojournalism championship each receive $1,000 scholarships. They are Wiqan Ang, Western Kentucky University;Chris Bergin, Ball State University; Justin Cook, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; David Degner, Western Kentucky University,Emily G. Harris, University of Florida; and Dana M. Rieber, Western Kentucky University.

The championship was held in San Francisco from May 23 to May 28. Finalists were brought to the city to demonstrate their photography skills in rigorous on-the-spot assignments, and were then judged by a panel of professionals brought in to evaluate their work.

More information about the winners, including winners in the writing and broadcast news championships, is available online at www.hearstfdn.org.