Best Use of Photography: 1st Quarter 2005 Results For News, Feature, Picture Pages, Sports, Multi-Page

Judges for news, feature, picture pages: David Frank, Karen Cetinkaya, Becky Lebowitz Hanger, members of The New York Times photography department.


Judges’ overall comments
Once we pulled together what we thought were the top pages, we noticed that quite a few of them had very strong verticals used as the dominant (sometimes only) image on the page. Though not all the photos were especially strong, the shape of the photos made for different-looking pages and we all found that to be very striking. Another thing that struck us in this category was how busy the pages tended to look. The content and composition of the photos, the overuse of mugshots and other small photos and especially the multiple types of typography on many pages made for jarringly busy pages. We also noticed that lots of papers are using photography well, but the content of the photos is frequently lacking.
[image of winning News page from the Hartford Courant]
The Hartford Courant, Jan. 7, 2005
“A Rough Going Over”
David Grewe, Thom McGuire and John Scanlon
Judges' comments: This page was clean and elegant. The photo choice was interesting, newsy. Just a simple, strong, good-looking page.
Treasure Coast Newspapers, Feb. 15, 2005
“Former PM killed in Beirut blast”
Entered by Lloyd Young
Judges' comments: The photo usage here is counter-intuitive. The editor used the emotional reaction to the bombing dominant and the scene secondary. The unusual decision to play the photos that way made for an interesting page.
The Palm Beach Post, Mar. 13, 2005
“Why was Carlitos born this way?”
Judges' comments: We liked the main package on this page a lot more than we liked the page as a whole. The main package was extremely strong – we couldn’t stop looking at that photo. It was a bold choice to run a difficult (perhaps even controversial) photo like that as the main page one photo.
Anchorage Daily News, Mar. 2, 2005
“Two Snared in Dimond Center Shooting”
Anne Raup, Richard Murphy and Bill Roth
Judges' comments: What we liked about this page was that running the crime scene photo as the main display photo wasn’t necessarily what most people would do. It is the type of photo that could easily have gotten buried as a 2-column photo on the jump. But the photo editor had the vision to make it the display photo – and it works very well big and in color. It’s not a great photo, but it’s interesting and shows good thinking on the part of the editor.
The Concord Monitor, Jan. 11, 2005
“Winter’s Claw”
Dan Habib and Terri Henning
Judges' comments: This was one of the pages that we liked because of the use of a strong vertical shape. The page just looked different from most of the other pages.
The Palm Beach Post, Jan. 19, 2005
“Lofty Subject”
Mark Edelson, Chris Matula, Bill Bullion and Jennifer Podis
Judges' comments: This was another one of those vertical photo pages.
San Antonio Express-News, Feb. 15, 2005
“Car bomb rocks Lebanon”
Entered by Doug Sehres
Judges' comments: Good photo choice. It’s nice to see it used big and by itself. But there are too many little elements on this page – they’re starting to take over the page.



Judges’ overall comments:

We all gravitated immediately to the top two finishers in this category. We were unanimous in thinking they were the two strongest pages, mainly because they’re beautifully done.

[image of winning Feature page from the Hartford Courant]
The Hartford Courant, Feb. 24, 2005
“Cool as Ice”
Elizabeth Bristow, Tim Reck and Mark Mirko
Judges' comments: Great illustration – the outdoors, the snow, the trees, the colors, the selective use of focus. It’s a beautifully executed, clean photo. . Both the photo and the page are compositionally strong. The entire page is very elegant
Columbia Daily Tribune, Jan. 23, 2005
“Life Resumed”
Brian Kratzer, Joe Shults, Sharon Santus and Jim Robertson
Judges' comments: The main photo is very strong and, played well, it makes for an arresting page. Nice, clean presentation. Everything on this page is just working well together. This paper had some very strong entries in this category.
The Florida Times Union, Jan. 10, 2005
“Century of Advice”
Kelly Jordan, Jon Fletcher and Ed Geffen
Judges' comments: The main package on this page is very strong. Wonderful choice of dominant image. The column on the left is a little distracting and made the page a bit weaker.
Columbia Daily Tribune, Jan. 23, 2005
“The Last Sermon”
Brian Kratzer, Lori Curtain, Sharon Santus and Jim Robertson
Judges' comments: This was a beautiful, simple page. The photos are great – especially the dominant image. The smaller photo of the two people (just below the main photo), however, took away from the package. It seemed too similar visually to the main photo. It felt repetitive. Without it, it would have been a stronger page.
The Hartford Courant, Mar. 18, 2005
“Protecting your personal identity”
Elizabeth Bristow, Jennifer Rochette and Stephen Dunn
Judges' comments: This illustration is just a great concept and so well executed. It’s very clever.
The Hartford Courant, Feb. 6, 2005
“In Paris, We Kiss”
Bruce Moyer, Sherry Peters and Melanie Shaffer
Judges' comments: This is simply a beautiful page – but we wondered why it wasn’t entered in the picture page category.


Picture Page

Judges’ overall comments

It seemed like there was either too much or not enough on these pages; they tended toward extremes. We saw many picture pages that needed tighter editing – just too many pictures on the page to allow anything to have any real impact. We didn’t see much moderation. As with the feature page category, the first and second place pages were by far the strongest entries.

[image of winning Picture page from the Albuquerque Tribune]
The Albuquerque Tribune, Jan. 18, 2005
“Dealing with Death”
MaryAnn McBride, Mark Holm and A.P. photos
Judges' comments: This was a beautiful page – well designed and with gorgeous, sad photographs. We were all drawn to it. It’s graceful and elegant. Whether you like the photos or not, the page draws you in.
The Palm Beach Post, Mar. 10, 2005
“Fair hosts first rodeo”
Mark Edelson and Libby Volgyes
Judges' comments: The subject matter here is run-of-the-mill, but the main picture is different – a beautiful shot. It’s a daring choice to run as the dominant image. The page is strong and well-designed. It’s a traditional topic done in a non-traditional way – there’s nothing here (maybe with the exception of the bottom photo) that you usually see in the usual photo coverage of rodeos.
The San Jose Mercury News, Jan. 16, 2005
“The Aftermath: Sorrow, Survival”
Pauline Lubens, Geri Migielicz, Caroline E. Couig, Mark Damon, Michael Malone, Akili-Casundria Ramsess and Jami C. Smith
Judges' comments: Great presentation. The small photos at the top work very well and it’s nice to see the main photo played so large – it gives the reader a chance to really look around at what’s going on in the frame. But something on this page seemed off. We wondered if a different crop of either the main photo or the bottom photo (do we need to see the mountains in the distance twice?) might have improved the page.
The Palm Beach Post, Feb. 6, 2005
“It’s the little things you remember. And that you’re remembered by.”
Mark Edelson and Uma Sanghvi
Judges' comments: We really liked the extremely different take on a story that (at this point) had already been page one news for more than a month. It was a different way to cover a familiar story. We wondered if the page would have worked better with fewer pictures. It seems to fall off a bit at the bottom. The photos at the top are more lyrical and better lit than the ones at the bottom. We also wondered if the top photo was the right choice to be in such a prominent position. It felt like a sign picture. One judge longed for more context or an image of a different scale and thought the uniformity of the page and the inanimate objects made it look almost clinical – though perhaps better lighting and more uniformly lyrical shooting would have achieved that.
The San Jose Mercury News, Feb. 13, 2005
“Love or Something Like It”
Richard Koci Hernandez, Geri Migielicz, Caroline E. Couig, Mark Damon, Michael Malone, Akili-Casundria Ramsess and Jami C. Smith
Judges' comments: The main photo on this page is beautiful, but the bottom right photo is too difficult to read – it causes the page to fall apart at the bottom. We loved looking at this page, but found ourselves wanting more.
The Hartford Courant, Feb. 14, 2005
“The Young and The Wrestling”
Bruce Moyer, Mark Mirko and Suzette Moyer
Judges' comments: The main photo here is very strong and the layout is clean and appealing. But the bottom two photos were far less interesting than the rest of the page.
The Palm Beach Post, Feb. 3, 2005
“This was hell on earth.”
Mark Edelson and Associated Press photos
Judges' comments: This was a nice, well designed page. It’s just clean, well-done design and photo choice that makes for an attractive, newsy picture page.


Sports and Multi-Page

Judges for multi-page and sports: Tory Bruno, assistant managing editor of photography, The Chicago Tribune, along with sports editor Bill Adee, assistant sports editor Mike Kellams, assistant director of photography Todd Panagopoulos, assistant graphics editor Haeyoun Park, assistant design editor Mike Miner, and staff photographer Scott Strazzante, who judged the pages on May 9 at The Chicago Tribune.



[image of winning Sports page from the Indianapolis Star]

Indianapolis Star, Jan. 17, 2005
Out-Foxed Again: Colts playoffs
Entered by Greg Griffo
Judges' comments: Beautiful marriage of words and photo. Bold headline played well with the telling image of Colts’ loss. Not over-designed.
San Antonio Express-News, Feb. 11, 2005
Doubling Down
Doug Sehres and William Luther
Judges' comments: Great use of portraiture. We’ve seen this idea executed poorly so it was refreshing to see it done right.
The Virginian-Pilot, Mar. 27, 2005
It ain't over 'til... - NCAA March Madness
Judges' comments: Being from Chicago, we’ve seen almost every image to come out of this game and the one chosen here was by far the best. Designer let the image carry the page.
The Palm Beach Post, Feb. 7, 2005
Three of a Kind - Super Bowl Extra
Mark Simkins, Amy Sancetta, Mark Edelson and Chris Rukan
Judges' comments: Huge photo with minimal intrusion by words and graphics
Anchorage Daily News, Feb. 7, 2005
Boston Three Party
Anne Raup and Richard Murphy
Judges' comments: High impact photo of David Givens by Amy Sancetta made this page.
Minneapolis Star Tribune, Mar. 11, 2005
Sports Weekend
Derek Simmons, Jeff Wheeler and Deb Pastner
Judges' comments:This page was made by a wonderful jubilation shot from above by Jeff Wheeler. Editors and designers made it happen on deadline.


Multiple Page

[image of winning Multiple Page entry page from the Palm Beach Post]

The Palm Beach Post, Jan. 9, 2005
Tsunami (5 pages)
Mark Edelson, Lauren Perry, Jan Tuckwood and Lou Ann Frala
Judges' comments: Very wide-ranging coverage of a huge story but done with an economy of images. Huge horizontal of dry ice and deep vertical of destruction were very deserving of their size. The page of detail photos pushed this entry above the 2nd place entry. The graphic was informative but a bit incongruous with the rest of the section.
Los Angeles Times, Feb. 28, 2005
The Oscars (7 pages)
Kirk McCoy, Calvin Hom, Cindy Hively, Hal Wells, Richard Derk, Iris Schneider, Robert St. John and Allan Hagman
Judges' comments: Borrowing a headline from this section, this package was “Simply Elegant”. Georgeous design and an impressive commitment of space carried this entry.
The Hartford Courant, Jan. 16, 2005
New Haven is Hot (8 pages)
Bruce Moyer, Mark Mirko and Melanie Shaffer
Judges' comments: Wonderful design and continuity of images. A more sophisticated execution of the head shots might have elevated the impact of this entry.
The Commercial Appeal, Mar. 6, 13 and 20, 2005
Born To Die (24 pages)
John Sale, John Nelson and Karen Pulfer Focht
Judges' comments: Great commitment to space, but quality of images in days 1 and 2 weakened the impact of the series.
Los Angeles Times, Mar. 10, 2005
The California Garden- A diva who loved high drama (2 pages)
Kirk McCoy, Iris Schneider and Kelli Sullivan
Judges' comments: Combination of words and pictures created the perfect mood for this effort.

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