Michele McNally Promoted To Assistant Managing Editor For Photography, The New York Times; Masthead Title

NEW YORK, NY – Bill Keller, the executive editor of The New York Times, has announced two new assistant managing editors at the newspaper, including the promotion of director of photography MicheleMcNally to A.M.E. and her inclusion in the newspaper's masthead.

McNally, the subject of a feature in this month's issue of NewsPhotographer magazine written by author SeddaKreabs, has been atTheTimesa little over a year - and somewhat surprisingly it's her first job at a daily newspaper. Prior to The Times she was the director of photography forFortunemagazine. The other assistant managing editor promotion was WilliamE.Schmidt, who has been TheTimes's associate managing editor for resources and planning.

In his memo to the staff announcing McNally's move, Keller said McNally's promotion is "both a recognition of her own strong leadership and an overdue acknowledgment of the status photojournalism has earned at this paper. The admiration our matchless team of photographers and picture editors has won for The Times, both from their professional peers and from discerning readers in general, should by now have erased any lingering notion that pictures are secondary - that they exist in service to the words, or in service to the design. They are in service to the journalism. In her first year at the paper - her first year at ANY daily newspaper - Michele has made that team more cohesive than it has been in my memory, and has raised its game. More than that, she has challenged all of us to look at the whole range of what photography can do, to be less conventional in our choices and use of pictures, to open our eyes and open our minds."

About photography at the newspaper, Keller said in an interview for a Times story about McNally's promotion, "There had been some feeling over the years that photography at TheTimes was there as an adjunct to the written word. I'm not sure it was ever true, but it's become more and more untrue the last few years."

The July 2005 issue of News Photographer, featuring "The McNally Factor."