Bob Brandon Critical In Denver Hospital

Television photojournalist Bob Brandon is in stable but critical condition in a Denver, CO, trauma hospital after he was found on the floor of his home yesterday. Sharon Levy Freed reports that Brandon may have collapsed as long ago as Saturday, but that he was unable to reach a telephone to summon help.

Freed reports in an eMail that Keith Singer, a video editor who often works with Brandon, was worried when he was unable to contact Brandon so he went to his house on Tuesday and made the discovery. Brandon was immediately transported to a South Denver trauma center where tonight he's a patient in intensive care but stable and improving, according to an ICU nurse.

On Wednesday afternoon Freed reported in an eMail to Brandon's friends and coworkers that "Bob is better than he was yesterday, but still critical, very ill, and the future is uncertain." Freed says Brandon can't receive visitors or telephone calls at this time.

Brandon is known as one of the leading television photojournalists in the broadcast industry and has twice been named the NPPA Television News Photographer of the Year, in 1976 and again in 1980 while he was with KPRC-TV in Houston, TX. He's a co-recipient of a national Emmy for his work on CBS's 48 Hours as well as having two national Emmy nominations. His work includes stories for CBS News, 60 Minutes, NBC News, The Today Show, Dateline, ABC Evening News, Prime Time Live, and 20/20.

Brandon is a faculty member for the annual NPPA Television NewsVideo Workshop, and he was president of Helical Post, a video digital post-production facility in Denver.