Best Use of Photography: 2nd Quarter 2005 Results For News, Feature, Picture Pages, Sports, Multi-Page

Because of the extensive coverage of Hurricane Katrina, there will be added categories for the 3rd Quarter Best Use of Photography contest. There is precedence for this: categories were added for the Atlanta Olympics in 1996 and for 9/11 coverage in 2001.

ALL PAGES RELATED TO KATRINA, including its hit on south Florida and the damage in Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi, should be entered in the following 3 categories:

KATRINA FRONT PAGES: these would be the A1's of your papers.

KATRINA SINGLE PAGES: all other single page entries.

KATRINA MULTI PAGE: all entries of more than one page: but no more than 30 pages in each entry (suggestion: the tighter you edit the entry the better chance it has of winning).


IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU SEPARATE ALL YOUR ENTRIES BY CATEGORY when you send them ... and make sure to get them to me on time, because they will be sent out to the judges on time. A suggestion: If you mail the entries rather than use one or two day delivery, leave at least a week for them to arrive.

AND MAKE SURE THE MULTI PAGE ENTRIES ARE PROPERLY PREPARED (read the rules posted on the NPPA site if you don't remember them!)

If you have any questions, call Mark Edelson at 561 820-4490 or eMail me at [email protected]


2005 2nd Quarter BUP Results

Judges for news, feature, sports, and picture pages: Paula Nelson and Thea Breite. The Boston Globe. Judges for multiple page entries: Sara Guinn, Larry Larsen, Jeff Saffan, Kenny Irby. The Poynter Institute for Media Studies. 


1st: The Dallas Morning News, April 9, 2005
“Go in Peace, Pope John Paul II”
Jamie Huckabee, Anne Farrar, Willliam Snyder, Barbara Davidson, Smiley Pool
Judges’ comments: Absolutely gorgeous, really smart. A wonderful, unexpected photo played just beautifully. The page is extremely elegant. The headline doesn’t intrude on the photograph. It’s gutsy…even though it shouldn’t be. Some newspapers might say “we need to see the Pope.” This group recognized the value of this image and played it the way it should have been played.

2nd: Los Angeles Times, April 24, 2005
"Smugglers Accelerate the Use of Cars"
Rob St. John, Mark Boster
Judges’ comments: Really strong photos. The subject is focused. The lede photo is really nice and played well. Even though the secondary photo is large, it doesn’t compete with the lede. There is a great deal of content that is easily accessible because the design doesn’t interfere with the impact of the photographs.

3rd: Minneapolis Star-Tribune, May 2, 2005 
Metro/State section front
Vickie Kettlewell, Brian Peterson
Judges’ comments: This page works because the photo column played as a centerpiece gives the page a “breath of fresh air.” The photo is gorgeous and it’s played really nicely with space surrounding it. The centerpiece package infuses some air into the otherwise very newsy front section page, yet still looks as if it belongs. Everything else is clean, well-cropped and doesn’t interfere.

HM: The Orlando Sentinel, April 16, 2005 
“It’s like the loss of our own child”
Judges’ comments: The linear manner of the layout really gives you the before and after feeling. The sense of loss is communicated. The quote works well to help you to understand the story quickly.

HM: The Hartford Courant, June 5, 2005
“809 Days”
Bruce Moyer, Suzette Moyer, Anja Niedringhaus
Judges’ comments: Nice, clean, simple, strong photo. The ambiguity of the photo – are we the good guys or the bad guys – works well to communicate the idea of the package.



1st: Los Angeles Times, May 15, 2005,
“In Spain, the Complete Dali”
Richard Derk, Kirk McKoy, Annn Moonen
Judges’ comments: Everything is perfect. Really nice use of the photograph of Dali. He is effectively placed coming out of the corner of the page. The smaller images are used well and indeed work well small and don’t compete because of their placement on the page. Everything comes together to make a really “eye popping” page.

2nd: The Hartford Courant, June 2, 2005,
“The Perfect Pea”
Elizabeth Bristow and Michael Kodas
Judges’ comments: The type and the photograph work beautifully together. VERY clean, VERY simple, beautiful photograph with great use of the shallow depth of field. Green type for the word “pea” was a nice touch.

3rd: Los Angeles Times, April 10, 2005,
“Beyond Hurt”
Kirk McKoy, Rob Gauthier, Steve Banks
Judges’ comments: Wonderful mood and use of light in a photograph on a page that is cleanly organized. Terrific use of a quote instead of a straight caption. The words “darkness” and “despair” from the quote are strengthened by the image itself. The use of gray type doesn’t overpower the image and the space around the photograph and the words helps the flow of the page.

HM: The Orlando Sentinel, May 1, 2005, 
“Outdoor Adventures”
Judges’ comments: Wonderful movement. It feels as though the image is powering right off the page. The type doesn’t compete for attention. Really nice.

HM: The Hartford Courant, May 1, 2005, 
“Not in the swim”
Elizabeth Bristow and Jen Rochette
Judges’ comments: Wonderful, fun photo…didn’t like the type in the photo and separated so much from the SWIM.

HM: The Oregonian, May 14, 2005, 
“Dancing chic to chic”
Rob Finch, Mike Davis, Michael Rollins, Molly Swisher, Randy Cox

HM: The Oregonian, April 22, 2005,
“Seven days of one big red ball”
Jamie Francis, Mike Davis, Michael Rollins, Kira Park, Randy Cox

HM: Los Angeles Times, May 9, 2005, 
“A distinct science”
Hal Wells and team



1st: The Oregonian, June 19, 2005, 
“Every Day is Father's Day”
Motoya Nakamura, Mike Davis, Gabrielle Glazer, Michael Rollins, Beth Weismann, Randy Cox
Judges’ comments: Very simple story. Everyone could do it, yet it’s photographed VERY well and designed simply. There is a good, strong relationship between the images. They stand on their own and don’t compete. Each image has the size it needs to “read” or be seen.

2nd: The Hartford Courant, April 17, 2005 
“Outside Gate E, the Family Gathers”
Bruce Moyer, Mark Mirko, Suzette Moyer
Judges’ comments: Beautiful portraits, divinely used. Layout is done around the photography. The big bulls eye (the belly) photo was a wonderful choice for the lede photograph and everything else works around it in a somewhat circular motion. In other words, the layout mimics the lede photograph. It’s not crowded and the space helps the reader navigate through the double truck. Really nice.

3rd: Los Angeles Times, May 29, 2005, 
“A Harvest of Despair”
Mary Cooney, Gail Fisher, Michael Whitley, Carolyn Cole
Judges’ comments: Nice to see the lede image used so well. Clean, simple, strong content. Sometimes when you have a double truck, the thought is that you have more space to use and the tendency is to use more. That temptation was resisted and a clean effective layout using 4 photos over 2 pages was the result. Each photo makes a very different point in telling the story.

HM: The Concord Monitor, Aril 5, 2005 
“Drip, Drip, Drip”
Dan Habib, Preston Gannaway
Judges’ comments: Very unique photos of a very ordinary process played cleanly and simply. Wonderful lede image. Too bad about the curry chicken salad ad and such.

HM: The Dallas Morning News, April 9, 2005 
“The People's Mass”
Anne Farrar, Michael Hamtil, William Snyder, Smiley Pool, Barbara Davidson
Judges’ comments: Nice use of visual repetition of graphics, figures, patterns that creates a visual theme that holds the page together. Simple, nice.

HM: The Albuquerque Tribune, May 24, 2005,
“Swinging in the breeze”
Craig Fritz, Natalie Ramirez, Mark Holm
Judges’ comments: The whole idea of the page is “seeing” and there are 3 simple images that represent great seeing organized simply on the page. Great lede image. Wonderful lines and composition.

HM: The Concord Monitor, April10, 2005, 
“Weaving a New World”
Dan Habib, Preston Gannaway
Judges’ comments: Not just a collection of images on a barbershop, but a story about a changing neighborhood wonderfully illustrated and beautifully shot. It tells the story of new immigrants by a change in everyday services. Wonderful lede image.



1st: The News & Observer, April 23, 2005, 
“Over and out”
Kevin Keister, Robert Willett, Jon Blasco, Jennifer Bowles
Judges’ comments: Very solid. Very big story that managed to use 3 distinct elements of the story, illustrated strongly, that don’t repeat content. The tight photos with the quotes are good. The unique scene of the press conference gave a strong sense of place and everyone withstood the temptation to crop it. The “behind the scenes” of the coach wrapped it all up nicely. Well covered, photographed, displayed and packaged. The other elements on the page don’t compete. Very impressive.

2nd: The Oregonian, April 17, 2005,
Bruce Ely, Joel Davis, Lisa Cowan, Patty Reksten, Randy Rasmussen
Judges’ comments: Very nice idea. The concept of the photo composite is really fun. The package itself could have used some visual clues to help the reader understand the approach more quickly and to facilitate the understanding. Suggestion was made to make the “How it was done” box more prominent because believe it or not…it took us some time to find the explanation. Also would have liked to see a cutline relating something important about the player under the composite photo. We had to work to figure it out. (Keep in mind, we are coming to this page as the reader would…without any prior knowledge of the idea of the package.) Really nice stretch of the imagination, though. Well done.

3rd: The Dallas Morning News, April16, 2005, 
“Don't put it past him”
Michael Hamtil, Tom Fox, Rob Schneider
Judges’ comments: Headline and dek makes this package work. They help to explain the concept of running the photo vertically without beating the reader over the head. The photograph is extremely well done, composed tightly and not static. Great elements of movement and every inch is used to communicate. We often face the question of what we can do to maximize the impact of an image. This works. Nothing else on the page competes. NICE and a bit of fun and surprise..

HM: The Anchorage Daily News, April 5, 2005 
“Carolina Coup”
Judges’ comments: Strong, solid image with great impact. It’s cropped well and used excellently to maximize the content. The supplemental images don’t compete on the page.

HM: The Palm Beach Post / La Palma, June 24, 2005
“Wimbledon, fuego al rojo vivo”
Mark Edelson, Em Mendez, Associated Press photos
Judges’ comments: Good collection of images that work really nicely together. It’s a light look at Wimbledon. Nicely shot, played, cleanly displayed. It works.



1st: The Hartford Courant, June 5, 2005, 
"By the Numbers"
Bruce Moyer, Suzette Moyer, and numerous wire and agency photographers.
Judges' comments: Was by far an impressive and compelling entry that was packed with information and extremely approachable. The work exhibited masterful integration of elements and pacing and space. The picture editing was bold, clear and thoughtful and the presentation really pulled you in. The comprehensive timeline is the backbone, and structure that held up the photography, graphics and written stories in a powerful way.

2nd: Los Angeles Times, April 2005, 
"The Death of Pope John Paul II"
Colin Crawford, Mary Cooney, Calvin Hom, Steve Stroud and Alan Hagman
Judges' comments: Pope John Paul: Looking back on this historic occasion, the judges felt that this was one of if not the best collection photographic reporting amassed. The overall visual narrative is breath taking. The marriage of photographs, written stories and headlines are well crafted and integrated. The commitment to visual reporting is obviously respected and being celebrated. 

3rd: The Palm Beach Post, May-June 2005, 
"The Miami Heat in the NBA playoffs"
Judges' comments: WOW! This is outstanding daily coverage. They were all over this event and owned the photographic coverage. Every aspect and angle is presented in the report, they clearly set out to “own and dominate” the coverage. This is an outstanding example of blanket coverage.

HM: The Palm Beach Post, June 2005, 
Florida Food and Travel, "Return of the Barefoot Mailman"
Tim Stepien, Michael Alicea, Kristen Bergman Morales, Jenna Lehtola, Nicole Neal
Judges' comments: This is a very creative and exciting use of illustrative photography. The planning is clear and it exhibits tremendous risk taking. “A gamble that paid off huge dividends.” This is an example for other papers to be bold, honest and creative. We should all take a chance every now and then. 

HM: The San Jose Mercury News, April 10, 2005,
"Pope John Paul II"
Caroline E. Couig, Mark Damon, Jeff Hindenach

HM: The South Florida Sun-Sentinel, May 1, 2005,
Mike Stocker, Tim Rasmussen, Nicole Bogdas

HM: The Palm Beach Post, April-May 2005,
"Liberation 1945"
Greg Lovett, Mark Edelson, Daniela Dornic Jones and staff

HM: The Commercial Appeal, June 12, 2005, 
"Murder in Mississippi"
Jeff McAdory, John Sale, John Nelson

HM: The Naples Daily News, May 8-10, 2005, 
"Africa: Seeds of Hope"
Eric Strachan, Judy Lutz, Lexey Swall


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