Exhibit Of War And Protest Photographs Opens London

LONDON - The exhibit “Great Frontline Photos: Pictures of War and Protest” curated by photojournalism author and editor John G. Morris opens November 11, America’s Veteran’s Day, at The Frontline Club in London.

“For me this is an opportunity to pay tribute to my dear colleagues of World War II in London, Robert Capa and Larry Burrows, both of whom died in Vietnam,” Morris wrote to News Photographer magazine.

Frontline is London’s new press club, at 13 Norfolk Place. The opening of the exhibit includes a press conference and then a panel discussion featuring speakers Christiane Amanpour and Morris, moderated by BBC diplomatic editor Brian Hanrahan.

The photographic exhibit includes classic war and protest images provided by the Associated Press, Laura Beilby, Heidi Bradner, Bobbi and Russell Burrows, Cornell Capa, Christie’s, Horst Faas, Martine Franck, Philip Jones Griffiths, Mark Grosset, Suzanne Hodgart, Gary Knight, Getty Images, Life, Magnum Photos, Steven Macleod, Don McCullin, James Nachtwey, Potosi, Michael Rand, Marc Riboud, Jinx Rodger, Joe Rosenthal, Agency VII, Marjorie Silk, Kevin Smith, David Turnley, Jeff Wedener, Richard Whelan, and Shogo Yamahata.

Many of the photographic prints were made by traditional methods by “the best” printers in New York, San Francisco, and Paris, Frontline said in their press release, but some of the new prints were made by Potosi Ldt. in London using a combination of conventional printing techniques and new digital technology, including high resolution drum scans of original prints.

“The club's ground floor restaurant is public; roughly half of the show can be seen without going upstairs,” Morris says. For more information please see www.thefrontlineclub.com.