New 2005-2006 TV Quarterly Editing Clip Contest Rules, Categories, Announced

There are new rules for the NPPA Television Quarterly Editing Clip Contest and they’ve been approved by the NPPA executive committee, TVQECC chairperson Jeramy Rosenberg has announced. There are new categories, rewritten general rules, and other changes that will take effect beginning with Fourth Quarter 2005. “The quarter currently in the judging process (Third Quarter 2005) is not affected by these rule changes," Rosenberg said.

The new categories include Editor’s Feature, Under Deadline, In Depth, Feature – 24 Hours, and Feature – No Limit. Winners accumulate points in the contest, getting 11 points for first place, 8 points for second place, 5 points for third place, and 1 point for an honorable mention. Changing the old point system, points will no longer be awarded for each quarter that an eligible entry is submitted. The new rules and categories can be downloaded as an Acrobat .PDF form here.

“Coming soon, I will have a new, standardized entry form available for you (which coincides with the new categories),” Rosenberg told the executive committee. “I want to thank you all for your patience and encouragement as we move forward with our contest. It is an opportunity for us to grow and raise the level of our profession to an exceptional level. I am thankful to be involved.”

Please contact Rosenberg at [email protected] with questions.