NPPA Odd-Numbered Regional Elections Now Underway

DURHAM, NC – NPPA members in Regions 3, 5, 9 and 11 can vote during the entire month of November, 2005, for Regional officers as directed in the organization’s Standing Rules, NPPA national secretary Sean D. Elliot announced at the beginning of the month.

“Elections for officers in Regions 1 and 7 have been postponed, because at this time the minimum number of candidates required by the NPPA’s Standing Rules have not been nominated to run for those offices,” Elliot reports.

Elections will be held online with balloting taking place through the member’s only area of the NPPA Web site. A full page of the candidates’ statements, biographies, and pictures is also on the Web site. Voting may be done at any time starting the first of November through the end of the month. Results will be announced early in December.

Elliot says, “The NPPA’s Standing Rules require a minimum of two candidates for each office in each Region in order to hold a valid election. In the event the minimum number of candidates cannot be fielded, elections are postponed until one month after the candidates have been nominated and qualified to run for office.”

“To run for office in the NPPA an individual must be a News Division member in good standing for the year preceding candidacy and must be nominated by the nominating committee in the Region in which they reside.

“Regional directors serve as voting members of the NPPA’s board and meet annually to approve the organization’s budget, make other decisions regarding the governance of the NPPA, and hear reports from the various committee’s and programs. Associate directors serve as the regional membership officer, dealing with the day-to-day needs of the members in the Region and they are designated as the stand-in for the Regional director if needed. Associate directors are not required to attend the annual meeting and may only vote if they are in attendance as proxy for the regional director.”

Members interested in running for office should contact either one of their regional officers. Anyone with questions about the NPPA’s election process, or specific questions about this election, should contact Elliot via eMail at [email protected].

The candidates in this odd-numbered Regional election are:

• Region 3, candidates Tom Costello and Ron Soliman for director and Dylan Moore and Linda Epstein for associate director;
• Region 5, candidates Chris Birks and Mike Borland for director and Nathan Pier and Greg Morley for associate director; 
• Region 9, candidates Pete Soby and Mel Stone for director and Ray Meints and Craig Moore for associate director;
• Region 11, candidates Russ Kendall and Adam Amato for director and Kurt Austin and Bill Goetz for associate director.

If you’re an NPPA member in one of these Regions and you are signed in to the NPPA Web site members’ area, you’ll be able to vote for your candidates during the entire month of November.

Contact NPPA national secretary Sean D. Elliot at [email protected] with questions.