Hearst Photojournalism Winners Named

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Twenty college photographers have been named finalists in the November photojournalism competition of the Hearst Journalism Awards Program. Entries in the first of three journalism competitions were in the categories of portrait/personality and feature.

The annual photojournalism competitions are held in more than 100 member colleges and universities of the Association of Schools of Journalism and Mass Communication with accredited journalism programs. 

The top five finalists are:

  • First Place, $2,000 award, Chris Detrick, University Of Missouri
  • Second Place, $1,500 Award, Dean Knuth, University Of Arizona
  • Third Place, $1,000 Award, Jacob Pritchard, University Of Colorado
  • Fourth Place, $750 Award, Danny Ghitis, University Of Florida
  • Fifth Place, $600 Award, Allen Bryant, Western Kentucky University

The first place winner, Chris Detrick is a Spring 2005 graduate, and consequently is not eligible to participate in the championship round, as pursuant to the program guidelines. As a result, the second through fifth place winners will submit additional entries for the semi-final judging. 

The sixth through tenth place winners are:

  • Sixth Place, $500 Award, Christian Hansen, Western Kentucky University
  • Seventh Place, $500 Award, Dave Weatherwax, Michigan State University
  • Eighth Place, $500 Award, Matt Nager, University Of Colorado
  • Ninth Place, $500 Award, Mark Mulligan, University Of Texas, Austin
  • Tenth Place, $500 Award, David Calvert, University Of Nevada, Reno

Students who placed among the top 20 and will receive award certificates are:

  • J. Carson Day, California State University, Fullerton, Eleventh Place
  • Nick Loomis, University Of Iowa, Twelfth Place
  • Brian Lehmann, University Of Nebraska - Lincoln, Thirteenth Place
  • Samkit Shah, University Of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Fourteenth Place
  • Julia Robinson, San Francisco State University, Fifteenth Place
  • Kristopher Kolden, University Of Nebraska - Lincoln, Sixteenth Place Tie
  • Lane Christianson, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Sixteenth Place Tie
  • Elizabeth Bailey, Ball State University, Eighteenth Place Tie
  • Jessica Crossfield, University Of Florida, Eighteenth Place Tie
  • Ray M. Jones, University Of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Twentieth Place Tie
  • Anthony Souffle, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Twentieth Place Tie

The University of Colorado placed first in the Intercollegiate Photojournalism Competition with the highest accumulated school points from the first three photo competitions. It is followed by: Western Kentucky University; University of Missouri; University of Florida; University of Arizona; University of Nebraska - Lincoln; Michigan State University; University of Texas, Austin; University of Nevada, Reno; and University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.