Election Results For Odd-Numbered Regions Announced

The National Press Photographer Association's national secretary Sean D. Elliot has announced results of a month-long November election to select directors and associate directors for Regions 3, 5, 9 and 11. Newly elected officers will begin their terms on January 1, 2006.

Elliot said he called candidates to inform them of results and to thank them for running, encouraging candidates who ran without winning to remain active in NPPA. Elliot also reported that Region 3 tallied the highest voter turnout, and that he will have a more complete report on the election for the board as time permits.

In Region 3, Tom Costello was elected regional director with 110 votes against candidates Ron Soliman and Dylan Moore. Linda Epsteinwas elected associate director with 115 votes against candidate Dylan Moore.

In Region 5, Chris Birks was elected regional director with 56 votes against candidate Mike Borland, and Gregory Morley was elected associate director with 46 votes against candidate Nathan Pier.

In Region 9, Pete Soby was elected regional director with 45 votes against candidate Mel Stone, and Ray Meints was elected associate director with 49 votes against candidate Craig Moore.

In Region 11, Russ Kendall was elected regional director with 43 votes against candidate Adam Amato, and Kurt Austin was elected associate director with 41 votes against candidates Bill Goetz and Jim Lavrakas.

Birks, Morley, and Soby are new to the board, while Costello, Epstein, Meints, Kendall, and Austin have served previously as directors, associate directors, or in other national posts.