NPPA Web Site Upgrades, New Features

DURHAM, NC – The National Press Photographers Association Information Technology department has been very busy this December, adding three new major features to the site in addition to moving the NPPA Web site to a faster, more reliable server and preparing for the upcoming Best of Photojournalism competition. Included in the technology upgrades are new NPPA discussion boards, an RSS/Atom News Feed, and NPPA/Google Site Search.

NPPA information technology director Jared Haworth and developer Stephen Sample say that using the power of Google Site Search, it’s now easier than ever to locate information on the NPPA Web site. To find out more information about an upcoming NPPA event, or to find a news story from the archive, users can go to and do a comprehensive search of NPPA’s site.

To keep up to date with NPPA and photojournalism industry news, the technology staff has added an Atom news feed to the NPPA Web site that displays the 10 most recent news items added. Atom feeds are similar to RSS and other syndicated feeds, and can be accessed either through a Web browser (Mozilla, Firefox, and newer versions of Safari) or via a third-party RSS reader. Also, if you administer a photojournalism-related Web site, you can incorporate NPPA headlines into your site directly. For more information please

“The NPPA Discussion Boards have gotten a much-needed overhaul,” Haworth wrote in an eMail blast to NPPA members. “The aging forum software has been replaced by a very modern and modular solution, which now allows members access to avatars, forum titles, and credit for the topics and replies posted. Recent discussions have been saved and placed into the three new categories: Business Practices & Ethics; News & Events; and Shooting & Editing. The new discussion forums are accessible to everyone, but only valid NPPA members can contribute new topics and replies. Additionally, an archive of all the previous discussions have been saved and are visible to NPPA members only. To see the new discussion boards, go to

For more information, or to ask a question, please contact Haworth at the NPPA technology department at [email protected].