Apply Now For NPPA's 2012 Short Grants

DURHAM, NC – The National Press Photographers Association is pleased to announce the2012 Short Grantsprogram, six grants of $3,000 each that will be awarded to support photojournalists who are creating compelling picture stories in their communities.

The grant is designed for funding projects small enough in scale that the bulk of the work can be accomplished in two weeks or less.

Last year NPPA offered five inaugural Short Grants, and the first-ever winners were Victor J. Blue, Gabriela Bulisova, Mary F. Calvert, Matt Eich, and Mark Ovaska.

The grants are made possible with funds from overseas reprographic rights organizations which give money to organizations like NPPA, through the Author’s Coalition of America, to benefit U.S.-based professional photographers.

NPPA past president Alicia Wagner Calzada is the chair of the NPPA Short Grants program.

"Last year was a great success, with five great winners who have been using the grant to fund important projects, Calzada said. "I'm excited that we are expanding the grant program this year to six awards so that even more photographers will be able to tell powerful stories in their communities. Though most of the entrants last year were independent photographers, staff photographers are encouraged to apply as well."

NPPA executive director Mindy Hutchison said that applications will be accepted online through July 16, 2012.

“We see these grants as an opportunity for NPPA to support the work of professional photographers as well as a chance to highlight the importance of the community photo story," she said today. "I'm thrilled that we're able to continue to award them this year. Entry is now open, and we've got a three-week window to apply online. Our judging team is looking forward to seeing all of the interesting project proposals."

For information about the NPPA Short Grants, questions can be directed to[email protected].