NPPA Business Blitz Roadshow Opens In Boston

By Sean D. Elliot

BOSTON, MA  – PhotoShelter founder Allen Murabayashi closed his presentation, the last of four on the first day of NPPA’s 2012 Business Blitz Roadshow,admitting that he cannot do anything about anyone’s unattractive mother.

Murabayashi’s presentation, titled “You’re a bad storyteller, a terrible marketer and your mother is ugly too,” focused on a number of issues facing freelance photographers in today’s marketplace. He talked about a range of topics, from Search Engine Optimization to using social media, to simply not putting enough emphasis on storytelling, during the blitz stop at E.P. Levine’s Exposure Place Studios in Waltham.

The second day of the blitz opened with NPPA Business Practices Chair Matt Slaby, a founding member of LUCEO, outlining the myriad marketing efforts of LUCEO. Slaby and Murabayashi both agreed in their presentations that cooperation and group efforts are something more freelancers need to explore to succeed in today’s market.

In between Slaby and Murabayashi, NPPA attorney Alicia Calzada presented the basic issues of photography contracts using a sample contract and outlining various features she considers to be vital to protect a photographer’s rights and to build positive business relationships with clients.

Following Calzada, University of Colorado at Boulder professor Kevin Moloney discussed the concept of Transmedia, a storytelling strategy that embraces multimedia storytelling across a variety of media and formats.

Friday night the blitz opened with a round table discussion moderated by ZUMA Press founder Scott Mc Kiernan on the topic of the state of the industry. The panel included local photojournalists Dominic Chavez, Eric Canha, Bethany Versoy, Michael Quan, Bryce Vickmark, Scott Eisen, J. Kiely, Jr., and CJ Gunther.

TheNPPA Business Blitz Roadshowcontinues September 28-29 in Austin, TX, followed by stops in Chicago and San Clemente, CA, in October and November.