Best Use of Photography: 1st Quarter 2012 Results

2012 1st Quarter BUP Results

First quarter 2012 entries were judged at the Brooks Institute Santa Barbara/Ventura, California by Gail Fisher, Department Chair School of Film/Communications Brooks Institute; Nomi Morris, Program Chair Visual Journalism Program; Paul Myers, Faculty, Visual Journalism Program; and Joe Gosen, Faculty, Visual Journalism Program.




1st: The Washington Post, March 30
“Strike turns violent in Spain”
Sonya Doctorian and Jon Wile with staff and wire photos.
Judges’ comments: Strong, powerful, story-telling image played dominantly on page one. The photograph demanded the reader’s attention and worked within the context of the page design. 

2nd: The Washington Post, March 31
“Protestors, Israeli forces at odds on Land Day”
Bonnie Jo Mount and Katie Myrick, with a handout photo and photo by Ammar Awad of Reuters.
Judges’ comments: A strong, compelling image portrayed the tenacity of the photographer to be in the middle of the action to record the moment. It worked powerfully within the context of the clean, five story, page one layout. 

3rd: The Palm Beach Post, March 24
“It’s time for healing to begin”
Lannis Waters, Mark Edelson, Mike Perkins and Nick Moschella.
Judges’ comments: This was a very challenging situation to photograph, and not a visually loaded opportunity. Yet, the photographer captured a strong moment in the courtroom, which reminded the judges of a Rembrandt 17th century Dutch painting.

Honorable Mentions

HM: The Washington Post, March 9
“Tears for a father”
Sonya Doctorian and Jon Wile with staff and wire photos.
Judges’ comments: Another Washington Post, nicely designed page one, with a strong four-column visual presence. The emotional photograph demands the reader’s attention and works well in the context of the page layout.

HM: The Virginian-Pilot, January 17
“In his honor”
Bill Kelley III and the design team with photos by Steve Early, Bill Tiernan and L. Todd Spencer.
Judges’ comments: Beautifully lit news photograph portraying the story. Moment, composition, light, all came together to make this photograph a compelling read.





1st: The Los Angeles Times, February 9
“Michelle’s Method”
Ken Kwok, Colin Crawford and Francine Orr.
Judges’ comments: The spread was bold, beautiful, simple but arresting. The portrait captured the actress’ personality.

2nd: The Los Angeles Times, February 5
“Sacrificing desert for earth”
Mark Boster, Mary Vignoles and Kelli Sullivan.
Judges’ comments: Simple yet informative, and the photography portrayed a nice sense of place and the conflict between man, nature and modern life. Quiet, but caught the readers’ attention.

3rd: The Virginian-Pilot, January 14
“Composing a life”
Bill Kelley III, Amanda Lucier and the design team.
Judges’ comments: The photograph took on a reflective mood, which encapsulated the tone of the story idea. Nicely executed.

Honorable Mention

HM.: The Virginian-Pilot, January 29
“Common Ground”
Amanda Lucier, Martin Smith-Rodden and the design team.
Judges’ comments: Headline worked well with the photograph, which was a quiet, beautiful moment.




1st: The Virginian-Pilot, February 6
“Soccer violence boils over in Egypt”
Martin Smith-Rodden and the design team with photos by The Associated Press.
Judges’ comments: As budgets become tighter, smaller newspapers travel less internationally and depend on the wires and photo agencies to fill in the gaps. The dominant image was powerful and grabbed the readers attention followed by strong, supporting images. Better, more detailed captions would have made this package stronger.

2nd: The Virginian-Pilot, March 9
“Daily life in Afghanistan”
Martin Smith-Rodden and the design team with photos by The Associated Press.
Judges’ comments: Another example of non-staff photographs, but international photography edited into a strong layout depicting life in Afghanistan. Again, more detailed caption and copy block information would make this package more powerful for the reader.

3rd: The Columbia Missourian, March 27
“Flight School”
Ally Appelbaum, Nick Agro and Jason Brynsvold.
Judges’ comments: Nice dominant image captured the reader’s attention. The judges questioned the title “Flight School” when there were no photos of the goshawk in flight.





1st: The Virginian-Pilot, January 29
“A family of his own”
Judges’ comments: Judges were surprised at the weakness of this category and disappointed at the lack of quality pages entered. The winning entry showed a transition of a quiet moment with good access into the family’s home.

2nd: The Los Angeles Times, January 7
“Lakers finally get it going”
George Wilhelm, Luis Sinco and the design team.
Judges’ comments: An emotional story-telling moment, nicely framed, captured after the action stopped.

3rd: The Washington Post, March 11
“Not as great 8”
Ray Saunders, Ricky Carioti and Brian Gross.
Judges’ comments: The player’s expression reveals and reflects the tone of the story.




1st: The Los Angeles Times, February 27
“The Oscars”
Judges’ comments: Overall judges were disappointed with this category as there were no serious, journalistic stories attempted. But they were impressed with the commitment of space to the Oscars, the moments in the photography and the comprehensive coverage of the event. The photography was designed nicely, especially on the opening and closing spreads.

2nd: The Palm Beach Post, March 11
“The little chimp with the big heart”
Mark Edelson and Bill Ingram.
Judges’ comments: The cover photo was a strong opener, giving the reader a sense of place, followed by a layout of photography inside. The judges felt moments of interaction between the chimp and workers would have made the story stronger, but they also agreed that it might not have been possible within the context of the story.

3rd: The Virginian-Pilot, March 17
“Wow, Spartans show ‘em“
Judges’ comments: Multipage was overall a weak category and the judges were surprised to see a sports event coverage, cover and inside page entered in this category. Because there were strong feature moments and the photography was displayed nicely, this piece rose to the top three.



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