NPPA's 2012 Business Blitz Roadshow Opens Today In Massachusetts


  • July 13–14
  • Boston, MA
  • Friday: BOP Photo Show & NPPA State of the Industry Roundtable
    6:00–9:30 EDT
    $10 members, $10 non-members
    Saturday: Business Blitz
    9:00–3:30 EDT
    $20 members, $25 non-members
    $25 members, $30 non-members

The 2012 NPPA Business Blitz will help its students develop the fundamental building blocks for creating a sustainable business in a changing marketplace. Lectures will build on basic business principles to address challenges faced by freelancers as they navigate a brave new digital realm. Topics will cover methods for monetizing and negotiating new media projects, long-term legal and business considerations in the year 2012, and marketing methodology for reaching new clients. These topics will be covered with a heavy sprinkling of business basics that were as relevant to Andrew Carnegie at the turn of the century as they are to entrepreneurial photojournalists 100 years later.

Other upcoming stops

Registration for the later stops will be available soon.

This year we've added a Friday evening event, The NPPA State of The Industry: Inspiration and Solutions Traveling Roundtable, which will bring together award winning editors, art directors and photographers to talk about pricing, needs, and industry trends.

As an added bonus we will showcase a gallery of winning images featuring winners from our Best of Photojournalism contest.