Alex Garcia Appointed To NPPA Board Of Directors

Chicago photojournalist Alex Garcia. Photograph by Shawn G. Henry
Chicago photojournalist Alex Garcia. Photograph by Shawn G. Henry

ATHENS, GA (July 27, 2015) – Photojournalist Alex Garcia of Chicago has been appointed by president Mark Dolan to serve on the board of directors of the National Press Photographers Association. 

Garcia replaces presidentially-appointed board member Kainaz Amaria, who has resigned her seat. Garcia will serve out Amaria's appointment until the end of the year. 

"I hope to bring more of a independent photographer's perspective to the board," Garcia said today. As someone who has worked as both a staff photographer and as an independent photographer, in addition to the classroom and teaching editorial photography, Garcia has a unique perspective on the profession from various viewpoints. And earlier this year Garcia played an integral role in the highly-acclaimed Eyetracking research project that NPPA conducted.

In her resignation Kainaz told Dolan, "I want to thank president Mark Dolan for offering me a chance to work on the board of the NPPA. Unfortunately, because of other commitments, I've decided to step down from the board. I hope this will give an opportunity to someone who can work closer to the board to increase NPPA's impact and community."

Garcia is currently an adjunct professor for the School of Visual Arts in New York City in their online program where he teaches editorial photography. Previously he served as an adjunct lecturer at the Northwestern University Medill Graduate School. 

Garcia was a staff photographer for the The Press-Telegram in Long Beach, CA, and then at the Los Angeles Times, and most recently for the Chicago Tribune. And an early internship found him shooting for The Palm Beach Post in Florida. At the Tribune his photography blog "Assignment Chicago" was hugely popular, and eventually the blog became the inspiration for his new book, "Depth Of Field: Tips On Photojournalism." 

You can follow Garcia on Twitter at @agarciaphoto and see his Web site at