NEWS & ISSUES, FIRST PLACE - CAROL GUZY, ZUMA PRESS | Honduran asylum-seekers Jonatan Matamoros, 36, and his wife, Sara Artiaga, 31, with their infant son, Jose Miguel Artiaga, 18 months old, hitch a ride in November 2018 with others in the Central American migrant caravan that had stopped to rest in Mexicali, Mexico, on their way to the border town of Tijuana. They endured bitter-cold wind as they rode through the La Rumorosa mountain pass to a shelter where they will wait with hope of crossing the border to the U.S. They started their journey on Oct. 12, 2018, with a large caravan. They said they swam across a river, walked and hitchhiked through Mexico. “We suffered, were hungry. No one told us the risks,” Jonatan said. They arrived in Tijuana the day before the American holiday of Thanksgiving. Thousands of desperate people made the long journey and the situation at the border is being called a humanitarian crisis.

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