Craighead is in "Tryout" to be Next White House Photographer

UPDATE: 1/21/17: A CNN/Money reports says that Shealah Craighead is one of the photographers working for the Trump administration and that she is in a "tryout" for the top position. CNN"s Brian Stelter said White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer confirmed that they had not announced the president's photographer. Read the story here.  

ATHENS, GA - January 21, 2017 - Speculation from online sources are pointing to Shealah Craighead as the official White House Photographer for President Donald Trump. First reported by the Photo Brigade website late on Inauguration Day, further evidence has appeared today with the creation of the @shealahphoto45 Twitter account.

Craighead has not responded to requests from the NPPA for confirmation and no official announcement has been made. Photo Brigade, several hours after their post, credited former President Obama’s official photographer Pete Souza as their source on the story. Politico, without the Souza source, had a one sentence mention of Craighead in their coverage under the topic of “Buzz.”

Cragihead’s business website also has not announced the new job, but her resume is a strong one for the position. She was worked in the White House as photo editor for Vice President Dick Cheney, as an official White House Photographer and the personal photographer to First Lady Laura Bush. She was also Sarah Palin’s campaign photographer.

As a freelancer based in Washington, D.C., her clients have included Vice President Joe Biden, and Florida Governor Rick Scott.

Without a confirmation, it is unclear whether Craighead started working on Inauguration Day. Her personal Twitter account, @shealahDCphoto, is still active and there are no posts on the new account. The “45” in that handle is presumed to connect to Trump’s position as the 45th president of the United States.