Daniel Morel Awarded $1.22M In AFP, Getty Copyright Case

NEW YORK, NY (November 22, 2013) – Haitian photographer Daniel Morel has been awarded $1.22 million in damages after a seven-member jury in a New York Federal Court reached a unanimous verdict against Agence France-Press and Getty Images today for "willfully" infringing upon Morel's copyright in 2010.

Morel photographed the 2010 Haitian earthquake that killed a quarter of a million people. It's been determined that AFP picked up Morel's photographs from the TwitPic account of a second party who had posted them on his own account without crediting Morel or placing any restrictions upon their use.

Earlier this year a judge ruled that AFP and Getty had indeed infringed Morel's copyright. This past week it's been up to a jury to determine whether the infringement had been willful or innocent, and to then determine the damages.

The jury also said AFP and Getty had violated the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, for which they awarded Morel an additional $20,000.

The jury's finding is subject to appeal.