Dissertation Survey For Picture Editors On War Photographs

Official U.S. Navy Photo of U.S. Marines Invading Tarawa in 1943
Official U.S. Navy Photo of U.S. Marines Invading Tarawa in 1943

DURHAM, NC (March 11, 2014) - A graduate student at the University of Texas at Austin is looking for photography editors to participate in an anonymous survey about the editing process surrounding images of war and conflict.

Rebecca Scoggin McEntee has issued the following invitation (below). If you are in a position that qualifies you to participate in the survey and are willing to assist, please read her description and contact her accordingly.

Dear Photo Editors:

I am looking for participants for my research study who can talk with me anonymously about editing graphic war photography for the media, in order to help better guide future visual journalists in our constantly changing world of communications. I will be talking with editors at various newspapers, online sites, and broadcast news stations with online sites in order to understand thoughts and concerns of working visual editors. I will need to audio record our conversations for transcription and for clear understanding, though my research promises anonymity. At the conclusion of the study, all audio recordings will be erased and/or disposed of, and my study will not name the companies or editors who participate.

I know how valuable your time is, having been a photo editor myself, without a spare second. In addition to contributing your knowledge to photojournalism scholarship, your participation will also include you in a drawing with about 50 other editors for a $100 Visa Gift Card, to be presented at the conclusion of the study (within one year). Please contact me to participate in this research, so that we can set up a time for the phone call interview in the next few days. In addition, if you know of other editors who might be able to participate, please let me know, and contact me at this eMail address: [email protected].