Justin Beiber Wants Stronger Anti-Paparazzi Law After Photographer's Death

Justin Beiber today called for new legislation after the death of a photographer who was hit by a car after crossing a busy highway on foot to photograph the star's Ferrari last night.

Celebrities like Beiber have been calling for stronger legal protection from paparazzi, but last November a judge said California's 2010 anti-paparazzi law was unconstitutional.

The 29-year-old male photographer has not yet been identified by police, but his fellow photographers identified the dead man as Chris Guerra.

Read about the fatal accident in a report by the Los Angeles Times here.

Last year, NPPA's general counsel wrote about the distinction between photojournalists and paparazzo. Read Mickey H. Osterreicher's article here, written shortly after actor Alec Baldwin's confrontation with a photographer in New York.