Links for Commercial Drone Operations Information

Photo by Eric Seals, Detroit Free Press

New FAA rules go into effect on August 29 governing the commercial use of small unmanned aircraft, commonly called drones. This will make it easier for many businesses, including news media, to capture aerial images with these small, remote controlled aircraft.

The new guidelines that come under Rule 107 include testing for a flight certificate for pilots and rules for operating the drones. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best links for information on the test, the guidelines and ideas for best practices for news media companies using drones.

UAS Help Line: 844-FLY-MY-UA (844-359-6982)

UAS email: [email protected]

Drone Lab Offers Free Operations Manual - NPPA

How to get certified for drone operations - NPPA 

Storytelling with Drones: Tips from Journalists - NPPA  

List of FAA testing sites, PDF download

FAA safety site (requires registration to login)


Remote Pilot - Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Study Guide, PDF download

VIDEO: Operating Options Guidance for Small UAS Operators - FAA

VIDEO: Waiver Guidance for Small UAS Operators - FAA

Facebook group, Part 107 Study Group

The New Drone Rules: What Journalists Need to Know - CJR

Drone Journalism Can Now Take Off - Forbes

CNN Turns Drone Newsgatehring Into New Business - Adweek 

Nebraska Cornfields Become New Frontiers for Storytelling - Current 

New FAA Rules Spur Race to Make Falling Drones Safe - Bloomburg BNA 

Hobby Fliers - Some of You May Need an FAA Drone Pilot Certificate