News Photographer Magazine Launches Digital, Online Version

The May 2014 cover of News Photographer magazine's first digital, online issue features the story of New York Times photojournalists Josh Haner and Tyler Hicks, winners of this year's Pulitzer Pirzes in Photography.
The May 2014 cover of News Photographer magazine's first digital, online issue features the story of New York Times photojournalists Josh Haner and Tyler Hicks, winners of this year's Pulitzer Pirzes in Photography.

DURHAM, NC (June 13, 2014) – News Photographer magazine, the monthly print publication of the National Press Photographers Association, is now available online in a new digital Web version beginning today.

Published continuously since NPPA's founding in 1946, News Photographer magazine is the professional voice of visual journalism, providing current industry information to working professionals and students alike. The magazine’s columns, news, and feature stories are often cited as “the authority” on topics ranging from law and ethics to technology and the art and craft of photojournalism.

For the launch of the magazine's new digital version, readers around the globe will be able to view – for free – the May 2014 issue of News Photographer, featuring a cover story about the photographic winners of this year's prestigious Pulitzer Prizes, Josh Haner and Tyler Hicks of The New York Times.

In addition, a two-year back catalogue of News Photographer magazine for the years 2012 and 2013 will be available to viewers in the magazine's online digital archive. And viewers will also be able to access this two-year back collection of News Photographer at no charge.

"We think it is important for today's students of visual journalism, as well as our professional peers around the world, to be able to get a taste of News Photographer magazine through this free, online archive," editor in chief Donald R. Winslow said today. 

"For many, they will be seeing News Photographer magazine for the first time. That's why NPPA's leadership decided it was a good idea to put up an archive of past issues. Not only will this be a good resource for visual journalism students around the world, but our professional peers in Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America who might not yet be aware of News Photographer and the NPPA can use the archive to learn quite a bit about us, about industry trends, and about our interpretation of the future of photojournalism through the digital pages of the magazine."

NPPA plans to leave the free, two-year archive online and open to the public on an ongoing basis. The May 2014 issue of News Photographer, which is being offered for free viewing during the magazine's promotional launch period, will remain online and open for global reading for about one month.

Going forward, each new issue of the magazine will go online when the printed version is mailed to NPPA members and subscribers. The new online issues of the magazine will be available only to NPPA members and subscribers.

At launch, advertisements in News Photographer magazine will contain HTML links to the advertisers' Web sites or to specific Web pages designated for special offers to NPPA members or subscribers. As the development of the online magazine continues, links from the magazine's article pages will connect readers to additional Web-based content – including video and multimedia projects.

"This is our first earnest step in our global outreach to photojournalists beyond America's borders," Winslow said. "It is the fastest way to get the magazine in front of their eyes – and expand our advertising base. Future plans call for a much more extensive collection of links to important and informative external content, and more interactivity as well."

Winslow noted many NPPA members spend a great deal of time traveling on assignment. "Now, if you're on the road for a few weeks, you don't have to miss your new issue of News Photographer magazine. You can see it online, grab it on your iPad or iPhone, and then the beautifully-printed 'hard copy' will still be waiting for you when you get home."

NPPA Executive Director Charles ("Chip") Deale echoed Winslow's comments regarding the value of the enhanced version. "Supplementing the print version of News Photographer with a digital edition will enable NPPA to extend its reach within the visual journalism profession on a global basis. It also will provide greater convenience to magazine readers by enabling them to access the content when they want it and how they prefer to do so, be it a laptop, tabloid or mobile device. The digital News Photographer is the first of what NPPA members can expect to see in a series of value-added improvements coming from the association."

The digital version of News Photographer was developed in conjunction with the magazine's printer, Mark Levans of MLAD Graphic Design in Tiffin, OH, with the support and advice of the magazine advertising agency, The Townsend Group of Chevy Chase, MD. 

Converting the catalogue of back issues to digital format was made possible by funds that NPPA receives from its membership in the Authors Coalition of America (ACA).

News Photographer national advertising sales in the United States is handled by Holly Townsend and Ben Harmon, and European and Italian advertising sales are directed by Bianca Ferraiolo in Rome, Italy.