Nominate A Peer For NPPA's Awards, Recognition

DURHAM, NC (August 29, 2014) – Since the inaugural Joseph A. Sprague Memorial Award was given by the National Press Photographers Association in 1949, the organization has annually recognized individuals for their special contributions to both the NPPA and the wider field of visual journalism. 

These awards represent NPPA’s efforts to honor those whose efforts make our profession stronger, build our communities, and expand the reach of NPPA in its mission to promote visual journalism and journalists. 

NPPA’s immediate past president serves as the chairman of the Honors & Recognition Committee, the group that puts out an annual call for nominations and determines each year’s honorees. This year the committee chairman is NPPA's immediate past president Mike Borland. Also on the committee are two former NPPA presidents, Mary Lou Foy and Sean D. Elliot.

"NPPA knows the value of the volunteer contributions hundreds of individuals make every year," Borland said today. "We do our best to recognize the efforts of the best of the best. Everyone in this business has someone they look up to, someone whose work or work ethic or advice they find priceless. We invite everyone to look over NPPA's awards and nominate someone they think is deserving of recognition by the NPPA."

NPPA has 17 different awards covering wide aspects of our profession – including editors, educators, business leaders and non-photographers.

It’s simple and easy to nominate someone for NPPA’s awards. An online nomination form is on the NPPA Web site’s Honors & Recognitions page. 

Nominations must be received by a deadline of November 26, 2014.