Nonprofits: It's Not About "Free" Anymore

DURHAM, NC (June 28, 2013) – With so many photojournalists turning to freelance work either by necessity (layoffs, buyouts and downsizing at traditional media outlets) or by choice (more flexibility and greater opportunities thanks to digital media), one area with great potential for contract work is the nonprofit sector.

According to GuideStar, a nonprofit that tracks data from other nonprofits, this realm of the economy is an “incredibly powerful” one, employing more than 70 million people.

Nonprofit workers make up the third-largest workforce among U.S.-based industries - second only to manufacturing and retail – and nonprofits post a total revenue of more than $1.9 trillion each year, says GuideStar. 

An improving economy and stock market have also boosted the coffers of nonprofits, many of which rely on investments, allowing more money to become available within these agencies’ budgets for media efforts.

And yet, most nonprofits have no staff photographer, nor do they utilize visual storytelling to their best advantage

In her third and final installment on project funding, Heather Graulich talks with photojournalists Kathleen Hennessy and Ken Light about how to tap into the increasingly better funded nonprofit communications budgets. Read Part Three online here.