NPPA Announces Member Discount for SoloFolio

ATHENS, GA (May 21, 2016) The National Press Photographers Association is now offering a member discount for SoloFolio, the only portfolio and blog platform designed specifically for visual journalists.

SoloFolio was designed by a photojournalist for photojournalists, according to Joel Hawksley, its founder and creator. Hawksley actually started SoloFolio when he was developing his own portfolio site in high school, then others started asking him where he got it.

Hawksley said the main reason NPPA members should consider SoloFolio is that “nothing respects your pictures like SoloFolio does and especially within the context of photojournalists.”

SoloFolio has many of the smaller features that matter to visual journalists that other sites have not taken the time to build, Hawksley said. For example, his designs are “caption friendly.” SoloFolio users can also build galleries with text slides, which means that when someone looks at a SoloFolio site on a mobile device the text formats correctly. He also built a layout tool where users can easily integrate different forms of media (like video and SoundCloud embeds as well as pictures and text).

SoloFolio has “image hosting that is so far and above what anyone else is using,” he said. SoloFolio will serve an image that will look good on any device, which he says is something no one else is doing.

Other site-building tools try to be “everything to everyone,” he says, while SoloFolio is “everything to news photographers,” which may be much smaller in scope by comparison but users will have a “simpler experience.”

NPPA vice president Michael P. King said this simpler experience was what drew him to be a SoloFolio customer, and that maintaining his previous sites took more time and effort than he wanted to invest.

“I desired something a lot easier that would allow me to spend more time making photographs, more time with my family, and less time in front of my computer,” King said. “My needs are pretty basic: an affordable, easy to customize and maintain website that can display stills and video.”

King became a SoloFolio customer last year and said he couldn’t be happier with the service. Because of his experience, he felt like it is a service that many NPPA members will find useful. So he approached Hawksley about a member discount.

The price of a SoloFolio site depends on the number of images hosted. A plan is free for 25 images, while the most expensive plan is $15 dollars a month for unlimited images.

The NPPA membership discount is roughly 33 percent off, so the $15dollar plan is only $10. And the cheapest purchased plan will only be $30 dollars for 100 images, according to Hawksley.

“So if a news photographer just wants to put up a portfolio they can do it for $30 bucks a year,” Hawksley said. “So it's very very affordable.”

King said the discount NPPA members will receive on SoloFolio make it an even better value than it already is, and it’s a big return on investment for members.

“A $60 per year savings on SoloFolio is more than half of a NPPA member’s annual dues,” King said. “You can have both a great Web site and NPPA membership – two things every professional needs – for a very low price.”

Hawksley said the NPPA membership discount is “a dream come true for SoloFolio, to be honest. It’s exactly the group of people that I feel will be best served by this product.”

NPPA members can click here for the discount