NPPA Opposes Anti-Paparazzi Statutes In California

DURHAM, NC (May 3, 2013) - In the wake of opposition from the National Press Photographers Association and other groups, the California Assembly Judiciary Committee has made both AB-1256 and AB-1356 “2-year bills.” 

The bills are of concern to NPPA and other media groups because they would expand upon California's invasion of privacy law and would enhance California’s anti-paparazzi statutes. NPPA has opposed both bills, and NPPA's lawyer Mickey H. Osterreicher has sent letters of opposition to California lawmakers.

A 2-year bill is one which will not move out of the policy committee this year. It is eligible to be taken up again at the beginning of the second year of the biennial session, thus the term “2-year bill.” Next January the Legislature will hear all bills introduced in the first year, and those that pass muster will begin to move through the process. 

While the AB-1256 and AB-1356 bills are not dead, this indicates the sponsors may have a difficult time getting them out of Judiciary in January.

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