NPPA Preparing Official Comments On Copyright Challenges For Photographers

ATHENS, GA (July 16, 2015) – The National Press Photographers Association is drafting official comments to the United States Copyright Office regarding copyright protection of visual work. 

NPPA's attorneys are drafting the comments based on years of experience working with and communicating with NPPA's members and visual journalists on the issues you face every day. NPPA's legal team would like to hear from you if you have any additional thoughts on these following topics:

* What are your biggest challenges to monetizing and licensing your photographs?

What are your biggest challenges to enforcing your copyright?

What are your biggest challenges to registering your copyright?

If you are a person who uses photography, what are your biggest challenges to legally using photographs?

Any comments sent to Mickey Osterreicher ([email protected]) prior to July 20 will be considered by NPPA in the drafting of its official comments. NPPA members are also encouraged to submit their own comments on the above points to the Copyright Office, prior to the July 23, 2015 deadline, at the following link: