NPPA Statement On Trump, Washington Post

ATHENS, GA (June 14, 2016) – The National Press Photographers Association today released this following statement:

"The National Press Photographers Association stands with the Washington Post and numerous other news outlets that the Trump campaign has summarily banned from its events. We would expect the Republican party’s presumptive nominee for this country’s highest office to have greater respect and understanding for the role of a free press. Instead, Mr. Trump has encouraged attacks (both physical and verbal) upon media members and threatened to undermine intrinsic First Amendment principles when journalists and news organizations report facts or express opinions that he finds unflattering or believes incorrect. It is these very constitutional protections that keep America Great and we urge Mr. Trump to correct the error of his ways by supporting the Founding Fathers’ vision for a free and unfettered press.”

-Melissa Lyttle, NPPA President

-Akili-Casundria Ramsess, NPPA Executive Director

-Mickey H. Osterreicher, NPPA General Counsel