NPPA Television Best Of Photojournalism Judges Announce Finalists, Category Winners

LANSING, MI (April 3 2016) – Judges have announced the lists of finalists in NPPA's Best Of Photojournalism Television Photography and Television Editing contests after wrapping a long weekend of picking winners at Michigan State University's School of Journalism.

The winners in each category will be announced at a special event scheduled for June 6 in Atlanta, GA, Television Contests chair Merry Murray said.

Category winners have been posted on Facebook and Twitter as the judging went along. Viewers can follow the contest on Twitter at @nppatvbop and on Facebook at

The finalists for the Ernie Crisp Television News Photographer of the year are Rob Collett of KARE11-TV in Minneapolis; Jed Gamber of WBFF-TV in Baltimore; Carolyn Hall of KTVA-TV in Anchorage; Chris Hansen of KUSA-TV in Denver; and Kevin Sullivan of KING-TV and KARE11-TV.

The finalists for the Video Editor of the Year are Peter Rosen of KSL-TV in Salt Lake City, UT, and John Woo of The New York Times.

For the NPPA Photojournalism Award for Reporting the finalists are Boyd Huppert of KARE11-TV; Jason Lamb of WTVF-TV in Nashville, TN; John Le of WLOS-TV in Ashville, NC; John Sharify of KING-TV; and Chris Vanderveen of KUSA-TV.

The Small Market Station of the Year finalists are KCCI-TV in Des Moines, KTVA-TV in Anchorage; and News12 CT in Connecticut.

The Medium Market Station of the Year finalists are WGAL-TV in Harrisburg, PA; WHTM-TV in Harrisburg; WITI-TV in Milwaukee; WLOS in Ashville, NC; and WTVR-TV in Richmond, VA.

The Large Market Station of the Year finalists are KARE11-TV in Minneapolis, MN; KSL-TV in Salt Lake City, UT; KUSA-TV in Denver, CO; WBFF-TV in Baltimore, MD; WTHR-TV in Indianapolis, IN; KARE11; WTVF-TV in Nashville, TN; and WXIA-TV in Atlanta, GA.

And here are the 2016 Television Best Of Photojournalism winners in the Photography categories:


1) State Fair Shutdown-Kevin Sullivan/KARE11

2) When the Fires End-Rob Collett/KARE11

3) (tie) Yellownose on the Loose-Michael Driver/KATU

3) (tie) Mondawmin Monday-Jed Gamber/WBFF



1) Not So Silent Night-Andy Wallace/KING

2) Save it for the Cops-Eric Sander/KING

3) Mom’s Café-John Wilson/KSL

HM) There’s No Orange in the Flag-Joseph Huerta/KING



1) Phyllis and the Tires-Scott Jensen/Alaska Dispatch News

2) Now That’s a Machete-Dan Renzetti/KING

3) Too Loud-Dan Renzetti/KING

HM) The Names Make it Real-Jed Gamber/WBFF



1) All That and a Can of Squirt-Doug Burgess/KING

2) No Country for Old Trucks-Rob Collett/KARE11

3) On the Campaign Trail-Dan Renzetti/KING

HM) Beer Opera-Greg T. Johnson/WFAA



1) Music City Lullabies-Angelica Dones/WTVF

2) The Midway-Corky Scholl/KUSA

3) Keeping the Ride Going-Rob Collett/KARE11

HM) Same Girl, Same Guy, Same Car-Rob Collett/KARE11

HM) Abu the Flutemaker-Brian Johnson/WBFF

HM) Cancer Book-Peter Rosen/KSL

HM) Mother Nature, Let Up!-Michael DelGiudice/WNBC



1) Sneak Attack-Brandon Mowry/Monumental Networks

2) Barn Ball-Steve Rhodes/WTHR

3) Sainora Scores-Jonathan Malat/KARE11

HM) Lucky Larry-Kevin Sullivan/KING-KARE11

HM) Could Be All Our Last Game-Brian Johnson/WBFF

HM) Tyler and Chadd-Chris Hansen/KUSA



1) The Motel Life-Corky Scholl/KUSA

2) It’s the Biggest Regret I Have of My Life-Andy Wallace/KING

3) Confession-Kevin Sullivan/KING-KARE11

HM) Behind Enemy Lines-Brandon Mowry/Monumental Network



1) Implosion-Eric Kehe, Corky Scholl, Manny Sotelo, Scott Wright, Tom Cole, Brandon McCauley, and Adam Vance/KUSA

2) “Seeds of Hope”-Kevin Sullivan and Bill Middeke/KARE11

3) “Cowboy Monkey Rodeo”-Christopher Wood and Mark Sogofsky/News 12 CT

HM) “Longs Way Up”-Anne Herbst and Kent Erdahl/KDVR



1) Masking the Pain-Isaias Medina, Chris Mosher, Noah Skinner, Chris Halsne, and Chris Koeberl/KDVR

2) Family Entrepreneurs:  When Stakeholders Strike Back-Ruth Aravena, Greg Moyer, Andrew Strenio, Luke Versalko, Eleonore Hamelin, Charlie Mahoney, Matthew Hashiguchi, Greg Snider, Lucie McCormick, and Elizabeth Lim/

3) Emmet Till-Derek Davis, Eric Wray, and Leila Garcia/America Tonight-Al Jazeera America

HM) Erison and the Ebola Soccer Survivors-Ben C. Solomon, Tommy Trenchard, Richard Tanner, Aaron Byrd, Jaime Yaya Barry, and Ben Laffin/New York Times Team



1) I Need to Know How Close it Is-Joe Little/KGTV

2) Chopper the Bike Dog-Joe Little/KGTV

3) Bus Stopped-Jonathon Gregg/WITI

HM) Live from Clancey’s-Forrest Sanders/WSMV



1) Richard’s Roof-Garvin Thomas/NBC Bay Area

2) Granny Golfer’s-Kevin Torres/KUSA

3) So Long, Mandolin Mike-Forrest Sanders/WSMV



The Last Week in April - by Luke Rollins, Ben Worsley, Bryan Barr, Brian Johnson, Ruth Morton, Patrck Boquard, Rob Parks, Allen Cork, Josh Miller, and Jed Gamber/WBFF


And here are the 2016 Television Best Of Photojournalism winners in the Television Editing categories:



1) iPhone Protest: News Camera Banned from Property-William Middeke/KARE11

2) Baltimore Protests-Linda Patterson Pupo/WJZ

3) Investigating the Bible-Joann Sierra/CNN

HM) Preakness Day Time Lapse-Christopher T. Assaf/Baltimore



1) TekDry Special Open-Mike Horvath/KDVR

2) Asleep on  the Job Tease-Greg T. Johnson/WFAA

3) James Holmes Verdict Cold Open-Dave Boutin/KDVR

HM) Severe Weather Cold Open Pkg-William Pelepchan/KDVR

HM) Everyday Hero Open-Michael Driver/KATU


GENERAL NEWS (Photographers Only)

1) Too Loud-Dan Renzetti/KING

2) What a Bear Does-Anne Herbst/KDVR

3) It’s History, Literally-Kurt Austin/KGW

HM) Implosion-Corky Scholl/KUSA

HM) Baltimore’s 200th Homicide-Jed Gamber/WBFF

HM) Love is in Bloom-William Middeke/KARE11


GENERAL NEWS (Editors Only)

1) Grief Interrupted in Paris-Deb Acosta/New York Times

2) Improbable Survivor-Deb Acosta/New York Times


PHOTO ESSAY (Photographers Only)

1) The Last Week in April-Jed Gamber/WBFF

2) The Motel Life-Corky Scholl/KUSA

3) Circus Nuns:  These Sisters are No Act-McKenna Ewen/The Washington Post

HM) Ninety-year-old makes challah for his children, near and far, every week for years-Scott LaPierre/The Boston Globe

HM) Hitting All the Right Notes-Michael Driver/KATU

HM) Ice Sightseers-David Bradford/WJW


PHOTO ESSAY (Editors Only)

1) Hope is a Moving Target-Reshma Kirpalani/Austin American-Statesman

2) New Orleans, 10 Years After Katrina-Alexandra Garcia/New York Times

3) Seattle Chef Specializes in a Rarity-Handmade Buckwheat Soba Noodles-Corrine Chin/The Seattle Times

HM) This is the Real Deal-Greg T. Johnson/WFAA


SPORTS (Photographers and Editors)

1) Chance on Ice-Anne Herbst/KDVR

2) Sainora Scores-Jonathan Malat/TV2 Danmark

3) The Story of Game 7-Brandon Mowry/Monumental Network

HM) The Bond-Chris Cheline/KUSA


NEWS FEATURE (Photographers Only)

1) Invisible No More-Kurt Austin/KGW

2) Into the Fire-Ty Nguyen/KING

3) Born to do This-Anne Herbst/KDVR

HM) Sing Me a Story-Catherine Steward/WTVF

HM) The Untold Story Behind Austin’s Iconic I Love You So Much Mural-Reshma Kirpalani/Austin American-Statesman

HM) From Sinking Feeling, to Uplifted-Rob Collett/KARE11


NEWS FEATURE (Editors Only)

1) Flirting with the Islamic State-Poh Si Teng and Ben Laffin /The New York Times

2) It’s Called Swatting-Evan Stulberger/WNBC

3) Cuba Superband-Peter Rosen/KSL

HM) Slide the City-Andrew Hurley/News 12 CT


MAGAZINE (Editors Only)

1) White Collar Convicts:  Life on the Inside-Patrick Ahearn/CNBC

2) The New High:  Extreme Sports-Patrick Ahearn/CNBC


EDITOR EFFECTS (Editors and Photographers)

1) High Speed Hello-Steve Rhodes/WTHR

2) Auto Hacking-Evan Stulberger/WNBC

3) Too Many Targets-William Middeke/KARE11

HM) Story Behind the Name: T.T. The Bear’s Place-Scott LaPierre/The Boston Globe


DOCUMENTARY (Editors and Photographers)

1) Erison and the Ebola Survivors-Ben Solomon/New York Times

2) Fighting America’s Deadly Heroin Epidemic-McKenna Ewen/The Washington Post

3) Artificial Turf Investigation-Rob Kaplan/NBC News

HM) Missing Out on the Miracle-Whitney Shefte/The Washington Post



1) Mid Morning Mess-Seth Voorhees/Time Warner Cable Rochester

2) Run to Remember-Ted Land/KING

3) Young Brothers Visit Warrior Dad at Arlington National Cemetery-McKenna Ewen/The Washington Post


This year's NPPA Best Of Photojournalism contests are once again sponsored by Ohio University's School of Visual Communication and the Michigan State University's School of Journalism.