Practical Advice About Covering High Conflict News Stories

In wake of the events taking place in Baltimore, MD NPPA General Counsel, Mickey Osterreicher, has put together a document with advice on how to cover high conflict news stories.

Issues covered:

  • Legal
  • Local Ordinances
  • Federal Trespass
  • Resources Important items to have with you
  • Potential for arrest
  • Complying with police orders
  • Being questioned and detained
  • Protecting your files
  • Arrest & release
  • Practical advice Preparation
  • Your equipment


These have been put together as a result of covering the NATO Summit in Chicago in 2012 the political conventions in Tampa and Charlotte later that year and the demonstrations in Ferguson in 2014.

For more information please contact:

Mickey H. Osterreicher
Cell 716.983.7800
Email [email protected]
Twitter @nppalawyer