Jose Hernandez holds hands with Victor Bayez as they grieve the loss of friends Amanda Alvear and Mercedez Flores, both killed by a gunman in the mass shooting at Pulse nightclub, during a vigil in downtown Orlando, Florida. Photo by Loren Elliott

Reuters Awards $5,000 Grants to 8 Photographers

Festival of Victory day, where young men hold toy guns and play war games, at Pankisi Gorge, a Chechen refugee settlement. Photo by Daro Sulakauri

H., a Syrian refugee and her mother T., doing the last arrangements in a pastry shop hours before an engagement party in Kilis, Turkey. Photo by Ekaterina Anchevskaya

Marianne, 13, Marianne’s grandmother started breast ironing one her one month by pressing

Presents and souvenirs are very important in Aymara celebrations. Among the most common ones are portraits with famous actors. Photo by Manuel Seoane

The Ethiopian festival of Timket, commemorates the baptism of Jesus Christ. Priests bless the various bodies of water - lakes, streams, and even common tap water - making them sacred. Photo by Nicky Woo

A park ranger on patrol in DR Congo’s Salonga National Park, the largest rainforest park in Africa. Photo by Thomas Nicolon