Televise Supreme Court: NPPA Joins Coalition For Court Transparency

DURHAM, NC (February 18, 2014) – The National Press Photographers Association has joined the Coalition for Court Transparency, NPPA president Mark J. Dolan announced today.

Citing long lines outside the U.S. Supreme Court and the millions of Americans who are interested in, and affected by, the Court’s decisions but who are unable to see cases being argued, this new coalition of media and legal organizations today launched a television advertising campaign that calls on the justices to allow cameras to televise their oral arguments.

The coalition is taking the unprecedented step of using an advertising campaign to draw attention to the lack of transparency in this powerful branch of government, and to urge the justices to change this outdated restriction.

“NPPA strongly believes in greater transparency at the Supreme Court," Dolan said. "Our support of the bipartisan coalition underscores our belief that the collective voice of CCT-member organizations ultimately can bring about the necessary changes in court policy."

While Congress has debated bipartisan bills over the last 15 years that were intended to compel Supreme Court justices to allow cameras in the court, legal experts agree that the justices could simply decide today to allow cameras. In the past, C-SPAN officials have said they would broadcast all of the Supreme Court’s oral arguments if allowed.

Read the details of the coalition's efforts, NPPA's participation, and the historical background of the media's efforts in today's NPPA Advocacy Blog post online here.