Monthly Multimedia

Monthly Multimedia Winners Archive


If you’re a photojournalist who produces multimedia for the web, then this contest is for you. The monthly multimedia contest has been structured to make entering and judging as simple as possible. You just need a working URL and a thumbnail reference photo for each entry. Judging is a breeze. You’ll have the second half of the month to view and select your top three favorites from each category.

The Monthly Multimedia contest is currently be reorganized and will be re-opned for entry soon.



  • All entrants must be active NPPA members. To confirm this, you must log in to enter.
  • All entries must be published online in the calendar month prior to each monthly contest.
  • Multimedia Project entries that cover an ongoing story may span more than one month, but they may only be entered once
  • Entry URLs must be publicly accessible throughout the judging period.

It is understood that any copyright of an entry remains the property of the photographer or employer of the photographer.

However, all participants agree that by entering the contest, entrants give permission to NPPA for its regional and national publications to reproduce winning entries, either through hard copy or electronically, including and not limited to, regional publications, News Photographer magazine, commercial online services and NPPA presences on the Internet. Reasonable precautions will be taken to ensure the security of electronic reproduction.

Regional winners must provide a print, tearsheet, transparency or high-resolution digital file of their winning photograph to their regional publication. National winners must also provide a print, tearsheet, transparency or high resolution digital file to News Photographer magazine. If the photographer fails to provide a usable form of the winning photograph, a four-member committee (NPPA publication editor, regional director and both regional and national clip chairs) may void the points for that entry.

NPPA may also enter into agreements with other entities or enterprises for delivery of clips entered in the contest. Release of the original photo of any clip entry is solely at the discretion of the entrant and any entrant may decline to release any photo for non-NPPA publication without penalty to regional contest standing.


Audio Slideshow
A series of photos accompanied by music or nat sound. May be produced by a single person, or a team.

Video Made Expressly For The Web
A news or feature video produced for the web. May be produced by either a single photojournalist, or a team.

Multimedia Project
A project by one or more people that includes multiple videos, audio slideshows or both. Flash interactive projects should also be entered in this category. The Multimedia Project credits include an extra field to enter names of non-NPPA members that contributed to your project. Multimedia Project entries that cover an ongoing story may span more than one month, but they may only be entered once.

The first fifteen days of each month is an open entry period for the previous month’s work. The rest of the month is for judging by other NPPA members. Winners will be made official on the first of the next month.

Monthly winners will accrue points for the annual contest. Each entrant will receive 2 points for entering each month, and points will be awarded in each category.

  • First place = 50 points
  • Second place = 40 points
  • Third place = 20 points 

All active NPPA members are eligible to vote. To confirm this, you must log in to enter. Every member can vote for a first, second and third place in each category and can change their votes throughout the judging period. A member cannot vote for his or her own entries.