Any current NPPA member can use the Mentoring Program database to locate and establish a mentoring relationship. Go to the mentor directory to pick the person(s) you feel can offer the best one-on-one instruction and tutelage for you. While the Mentoring Program is not a critique service, it does provide a context in which experienced visual journalists can share their craft.

Mentor Directory   (Members only access)


Who can become a "Mentoring Associate"?

A mentoring associate must have the desire to improve their craft by building a one-on-one relationship(s) with a veteran member of the NPPA. It will be up to the mentoring associate to decide what they want from the program, and to work with their mentor to achieve their desired goals. This can be anything - the program is designed to be flexible and open to the uniqueness of each relationship.

Who can become a mentor?

A mentor can be anyone who is a current member of the NPPA with areas of expertise in visual communication, and a desire to pass on lessons learned and perpetuate the highest standards in visual journalism. If you are interested in sharing your knowledge, please fill out the mentor form section with your mentor bio and the mentorship chair will contact you.

Mentor Application   (Members only access)

Both parties should be prepared to fulfill the following criteria:

The mentoring associate should expect an honest assessment of their work, and the mentors should not forget what it was once like to be in the other's shoes (we all start out somewhere). Communication between both parties should be discussed and agreed upon in advance, and good communication of expectations is encouraged, especially in the outset.

(Such contacts are discouraged during normal business hours if they interfere with, or are prohibited by work. Permission from an employer is strongly suggested if NPPA mentoring activities are to be performed during working hours.)

Other aspects the mentorship offers:

  • The mentorship is not geographically limited.
  • Mentoring associates may change mentors at any time; or may have more than one.
  • Mentors may accept as many associates as they feel they have time for.
  • A mentorship can be ended at any time by either participating party.

What NOT to expect from the mentoring program:

  • The mentoring program is not a critique service; there is one already provided by the NPPA. It is intended for professional enhancement and education.
  • The mentoring program is not an avenue for employment possibilities. Employment from a mentor's shop should not be expected by the mentoring associate.

As we develop this program we will be fluid and open to change to best serve the needs of the members. We hope to expand the program and integrate it more throughout NPPA. Please contact mentorship chair Ross Taylor with any suggestions: