photo by Jed JacobsohnFreelance sports photographer Brad Mangin has many claims to fame: one, according to him, is being the last photographer on earth to get an iPhone. While that claim may be hard to prove, another will be substantiated when Instant Baseball is published this April. The book chronicles the 2012 Major League Baseball season with images shot on Mangin’s iPhone and posted to the image sharing Web site Instagram. It may be the first non-self published book comprised entirely of Instagram images shot on an iPhone.

The following videos profile Mangin’s 25-year career as a newspaper photojournalist, freelance sports photographer, early adopter of internet marketing techniques and co-founder of

Editor’s Note: To listen to Brad Mangin describe his journey is to listen to a story peppered with a never ending litany of friends, mentors and instigators who helped him along the way. If you’re not mentioned in these stories, it’s not Brad’s fault. A ruthless edit left many mentioned contributors and collaborators in the bin of unused clips.

Instant Baseball

Late to the photography social networking scene, Mangin scores quickly with a Sports Illustrated coup and the first non-self published book entirely from Instagram posted images.  

Getting Started

A San Francisco Bay Area native, Brad Mangin’s interest in photography and baseball took hold early. Internships and a first job at a small community daily laid the foundations and key relationships for later success.  

The Best Staff Job... Ever

Mangin takes a chance and sends his portfolio to a new daily sports newspaper started by legendary sportswriter Frank DeFord.  

The Leap 

Early success was no insurance against hard times, but good relationships and a leap of faith start Mangin on a new path. 

Seeding an Online Legacy 

An early innovation, suggested by boyhood friend Joe Gosen, builds an online legacy that lives on to today. 

One of the first online photo communities for professional sports photographers, was kick started by a chiding insult by eventual PhotoShelter co-founder and marketing guru Grover Sanschagrin. 

The Joy of Baseball

As long as he can remember, all Brad Mangin really wanted to do was watch baseball. 

The Value of Friendship 

True friendship and a willingness to help others succeed are Mangin’s suggested recipe for success. 


Produced, photographed and edited by Chuck Gathard, assisted by Jessica Olthof.