Morris Berman Put High Value On Shared Knowledge

Morris Berman
Morris Berman

By Frank S. Folwell

Morris Berman cherished the value of education and communication. 

He was one of the National Press Photographers Association’s founders, a long-time member, and served as one of its former presidents. 

In 1998 he joined the National Press Photographers Foundation board of directors, and soon after he proposed and funded a lecture series that would feature outstanding visual journalists who would share their knowledge and skills with aspiring students.  

Before his death in 2002, Berman made a substantial gift to the Foundation to fund the ongoing series of lectures, and the Foundation created the Morris Berman Lecture Series to fulfill his vision. Now today, digital video and the ability to stream video on the Internet allows Berman’s dream of a lecture series to be shared beyond the classroom or auditorium to student and professional audiences around the world.

Through Berman’s generosity, the Foundation will bring talented visual journalists to college and university journalism programs throughout the country. As part of the learning process, students will produce a storytelling video of the lecture and events surrounding the speakers’ visits that will be archived on the Foundation’s Web site. 

Washington Post photojournalist Michael Williamson delivered the inaugural Morris Berman Lecture recently at Ohio University's School of Visual Communication. Read about it here.

Funds for the lecture series will be available to institutions by request. Information will be available in the near future on the Foundation’s Web site at