By Jim Colton

Major metropolitan newspapers face the incredible challenge of satisfying reader interest for news, features, sports, and civic and social issues in their increasingly expanding and diverse multi cultural regions. Meeting these challenges requires journalists with passion and insight that keeps them ahead of the curve -- setting trends for the kinds of stories they report and the visual storytelling techniques used to report them. Few major metropolitan dailies meet these challenges as well as the staff of the Los Angeles Times

This edition of Photo Journal takes a look at the inner workings of the Times’ photography department through the eyes of Deputy Director of Photography Alan Hagman and Staff Photographer Robert Gauthier

Alan HagmanAlan Hagman describes the complexities of servicing both online and print mediums, including what it took to produce “Dying for Relief,” Liz O. Baylen’s multi edition, multi platform story about the human impact of prescription drug addiction.  

Part One: An interview with Alan Hagman





Robert GauthierRobert Gauthier describes the variety of skills required of a staff photographer on a large metro newspaper by recounting his experiences shooting the 2012 London Olympics, climbing the multimedia learning curve, and his work on “Death with Dignity,” a multimedia story he produced about a 97-year-old former physician’s plan to take his own life should he become a burden to his wife of 64 years.  

Part Two: Interview with Robert Gauthier