Duke University Relaunches Dorothea Lange-Paul Taylor Documentary Prize

DURHAM, NC (February 5, 2013) – The Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University is proud to re-launch the Dorothea Lange-Paul Taylor Prize, which supports documentary artists—working alone or in teams—who are involved in extended, ongoing fieldwork projects that rely on and exploit, in intriguing and effective ways, the interplay of words and images in the creation and presentation of their work.

The updated guidelines expand on the idea of “writing” by allowing words to be represented by audio or in graphic novel format. As in the past, edited oral histories, creative narratives, and poetry (that is both personal and social) are also encouraged.

The new guidelines require that artists have already started their fieldwork. However, please note, the guidelines no longer stipulate that a writer and a photographer, i.e., two people or more, collaborate on a project. Single artists and collaborative teams working with text/audio/photographs/video/graphic novel format may apply. 

Read more about it, and how to enter, on the Center for Documentary Studies Web site here.