Board of Directors

There are 15 members of the Board of Directors: six officers who make up the Executive Committee, six Elected Directors, and three Appointed Directors. All Directors serve at-large, and thus they represent the entire NPPA membership.

Elected Directors serve three-year terms. Appointed Directors serve at the pleasure of the President. The current Board structure was passed June 9, 2009, and took effect January 1st, 2010.

For historical data about NPPA officers, visit the Past National Officers page.  

The President and Vice President are elected in January by the Board of Directors, and they serve one-year terms.

The Secretary and Treasurer are elected in January by the Board of Directors, and they serve two-year terms. The Secretary is elected in odd-numbered years, and the Treasurer is elected in even-numbered years.

The Regional Chairs Representative is elected in April by the Regional Leaders and serves a one-year term.

A Student Delegate is appointed annually by the Student Committee Chair for a one-year term, directly representing student members. The Board's standing rules currently affords the student delegate voting priveleges.


Assistant Professor, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale IL

Photographer/Founder/CEO, ZUMA Press, San Clemente CA

Staff Photojournalist, Wisconsin State Journal, Madison WI

Owner/Editor, Michalowski Multimedia, Norwich NY

Chief Photojournalist, WHO-TV News, Des Moines IA

Photojournalist, KNSW, Wichita KS

Photojournalist, Editor, Storyteller, Journalist, and Teacher, CNN, Annapolis MD

(term expires 12/31/2016)


(term expires 12/31/2016)

Assistant Professor, Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green, KY

(term expires 12/31/2014)

Independent Photographer/Writer/Editor, Mediasmith, Westcliffe CO

(term expires 12/31/2014)

Senior Staff Photographer, South Florida Sun Sentinel, Fort Lauderdale FL

(term expires 12/31/2015)

Photojournalist, Spring Lake, MI.

(term expires 12/31/2015)

(presidential appointee)

Staff Photojournalist for the Tampa Bay Times, Tampa FL

(presidential appointee)

(presidential appointee)

Student, Western Washington University.