Stanley Forman's Self-Published "Before Yellow Tape"

Stanley Forman's "Before Yellow Tape" on
Stanley Forman's "Before Yellow Tape" on

BOSTON, MA (February 18, 2013) – Three-time Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist Stanley Forman snapped a quad tendon in a home accident before Christmas and has been off work until this week, but he didn't spend his time laid up at home watching the daytime soaps. Instead, he took the unplanned vacation time to go through his entire career of negatives and prints and put together a new book of Boston fire photographs that he self-published today on

His title, "Before Yellow Tape," harkens back to the days when Forman's face was a familiar sight at any fire scene in Boston where there were flames showing and fire hoses in the streets. It was an era when news photographers had first-hand access to the kinds of scenes that make up this new book instead of being held back with the crowd behind police tape.

Forman's book has more than just his iconic fire pictures. Many of these images are "never before seen," Forman told News Photographer magazine today. He hopes that the book will appeal to visual journalism students and their professors as a textbook for learning how to cover breaking news fire stories. 

You can check out Forman's "Before Yellow Tape" here on