LENS Launches High School Photographers' "My Hometown" Project

LENS blog on The New York Times launches "My Hometown."
LENS blog on The New York Times launches "My Hometown."

NEW YORK, NY (February 21, 2013) - In the 1930s the Roy Stryker and the Farm Security Administration sent a handful of incredibly talented photographers out across American in the midst of an economic depression and an agricultural dust bowl to document the lives of everyday people in the United States.

Now the editors of the photography blog LENS at The New York Times are asking high school students across the States to help create a new, 21st century portrait of America by turning their cameras on their family, friends, neighborhoods and schools. The new interactive project is simply called "My Hometown."

LENS editor James Estrin is asking student photographers to "capture their communities in all their complexities, from documentary images to portraits, from fleeting moments to sweeping landscapes and quiet insights."

Participating photographers must be either enrolled in high school or be 14 to 18 years old. All submissions must be uploaded under the supervision of a photography class teacher or program instructor by the May 1 deadline.

Just like the FSA collection, many of the photographs will be archived at the Library of Congress, Estrin says. The collection of photographs will be shown in an interactive gallery of several thousand pictures that will be sortable by geography or theme.

Estrin says that if a high school or community-based photo program wants to participate, then the instructor can contact LENS by sending an eMail to l[email protected]. In response, LENS editors will send teachers a comprehensive overview of "My Hometown."

Entries will be accepted beginning March 20. Each student is limited to four (4) images. 

Read all about it here in the LENS blog by Estrin.