New Sports Illustrated Photography Director: Brad Smith

Brad Smith of The New York Times is the new director of photography for Sports Illustrated magazine.
Brad Smith of The New York Times is the new director of photography for Sports Illustrated magazine.

By Donald R. Winslow

NEW YORK, NY (February 28, 2013) – Brad Smith, who joined The New York Times in 2000 and has been the newspaper's senior Sports photography editor for the last six years, will be the new director of photography at Sports Illustrated magazine beginning March 14.

Smith confirmed his appointment to the position to News Photographer magazine this morning. Previously he's been a picture editor or photography director for Sports Illustrated Women and Sports Illustrated of Kids, and he was the associate sports picture editor for Sports Illustrated magazine. 

From 1992 to 1995 he temporarily left Sports Illustrated to work as a picture editor and the assistant director of photography for President Bill Clinton and the White House. Smith has also served on the faculty of the Eddie Adams Barnstorm Workshop and The Summit Photography Workshops, and since 2006 he's been a guest lecturer at the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

Former NPPA president Rich Clarkson, one of America's premier sports photojournalists, today had high praise for Smith and his new post as he remembered how they first met.

"Years ago while doing a major assignment for Sports Illustrated, I was told by the then-director of photography that my assignment would be edited by a new member of the picture editing staff," Clarkson told News Photographer magazine today. "I was more than concerned for this was a major story that I wanted done right - and wasn't happy about having to take a novice picture editor through the take over the phone, at more than arm's length. 

"The story ran well and I assumed the edit was okay ... until I got the out-takes back and could see what was the actual edit.    this new rookie editor missed absolutely nothing. He became my favorite on the editing staff at the magazine and as part of a very good crew in those years, he was always 100 percent."

Smith replaces long-time Sports Illustrated photography director Steve Fine, who left the magazine at the end of January.

Smith is a Florida native, a graduate of the University of Florida, and is a proud Gator fan.

In a video on the Summit Workshop web site, Smith talks in a video about how to edit your sports photographs. You can watch the video online here.